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Intel study says ” Millennials Are More Likely To Unplug Phones on Vacation “

Millennials unplugging devices on a vacation

Are we addicted to our mobile phones?

Yes, most of us know that we are addicted and unsurprisingly we admit it. A new Study was conducted by Intel Security to understand the consumers’ digital behaviors on summer vacation.

The results released on Tuesday say that we are not too eager to unplug our phones during vacation. A total of 13,650 consumers aged between 21 and 54 globally participated in this study. They were evenly separated by gender and asked the question that how well they can stay away from their mobile phones during vacation.

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The recent study states that nearly 55 percent of Americans who check their office mails said that they cannot unplug their mobile phones during vacation. While 65 percent of the people said, this unplugging from the digital devices helped them a lot in enjoying their vacation.

According to the results, men are more likely to unplug their devices, as 57 percent said that they can plan to disconnect their phones and when it comes to women it is just 44 percent.

Millennials unlikely to Unplug devices

“Being unplugged,” means no internet usage and no phone calls. So, the results of the study revealed that 49 percent of millennials said that they could take break from devices during vacation while only 37 percent of the 40 to 50 age group said they could do so. The study also acknowledges the potential risks of staying online while away from home.

“Consumers rely on technology to stay connected to their physical and digital worlds – whether at work, home or on vacation,” said Gary Davis, chief consumer security evangelist at Intel Security. “As a result, it’s crucial to impart safe digital habits to help consumers stay more secure when traveling.”

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The Intel security study also suggests ways consumers can reduce the travel security risks such as remembering that criminals can better monitor someone’s whereabouts via various social media postings.

“Data can be expensive, but switching on Bluetooth and WiFi when out and about can be a recipe for disaster,” says Intel Security study.

“Connecting to unprotected WiFi and Bluetooth devices can expose your personal information to a cyber criminal. You should be especially careful when exchanging payment information. With this in mind, make sure to update your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi history by removing previously ‘remembered’ wireless networks.”

Beware of Very Hot Drinks or else it may leads to Oesophageal Cancer

Hot Drinks may cause cancer

To all my readers, today I would like to give you a Tip to create awareness of your health.

The research agency says consuming hot beverages may lead to Oesophageal cancer if it preferred more than 65 degrees C.

The WHO(World Health Organisation) agency declared that coffee will not cause cancer, but a detailed research found that scorching drinks may leads to cancer. Earlier in 1991, coffee was classified as a cancer cause, but the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has now reconsidered the evidence.

The previous study or research published on the subject found that coffee drinkers have no reason to worry. South America people widely consume an herbal drink also known as Cimarron or chimarrao, where oesophageal cancer is more common when to compare to other parts of the world.

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IARC conducted research and found that the herbal drink mate was not the reason for cancer but if it consumed more than 65C, might lead to cancer. The agency also looked at hot beverages consumed at high temperature in central Asia, China, and Japan.

The American Institute for Cancer Research says:

“Coffee’s possible link to cancer is a well-studied one, with over 1,000 studies on the topic. Early in the research, some studies hinted that coffee might increase cancer risk. Larger and well-designed studies now suggest the opposite: it may be protective for some cancers.”

There is no concluded message given by the WHO that coffee can cause cancer but drink it below 65C or 149F, and more than that it might leads to Oesophageal cancer. Not only boiling coffee, but it might also be a tea, water. Any hot beverage consuming more than 149 degrees Fahrenheit can result in cancer.

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A group of 23 scientists convened by International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has evaluated that any hot beverage consuming may lead to carcinogenic it exceeds more than 65C.

UN study says the places such as China, Islamic Republic of Iran, Turkey and South America; they drink hot beverages boiling more than 70 degrees C and found increasing in oesophageal cancer more and more.

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I suggest that there should be an immediate awareness program to be conducted around the world where the risk of carcinogenic is rising in high.

Hand-Free Mobiles are Dangerous for Motorist: Study

Hand-Free Mobiles are Dangerous for Motorist

A new study at the University of Sussex reveals that conversations while driving can make the drivers visually imagine about what they are speaking. Scientists of the study show that during conversations, a part of the normal human brain is used which is usually used to look at the road. The study was published in the Transportation Research Journal.

The much known fact to us is that it is illegal in the UK and many countries to ride a motorcycle or drive using hand-held phones or similar devices.

As per the BBC report, Drivers would get an automatic fixed penalty notice if they caught using it. They will charge with three penalty points on their license and a fine of 100 pounds.
The law currently says drivers can use hands-free phones, satellite navigators, and two-way radios, but if the police think the driver is distracted and not in control of the vehicle, they could get penalized.

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The study involved 20 men and 40 women volunteers who took part in video tests while sitting in a car seat behind a steering wheel. One group of volunteers were allowed to “drive” undistracted while another two heard a male voice asking questions like, “Where did you leave the blue file?” from a loudspeaker 90 centimeters away.

Dr. Graham Hole, Who was Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of Sussex stated that “A popular misconception in using a mobile phone while driving is safe as long as the driver uses a hands-free phone. Our research shows this is not the case. Hands-free is equally distracting because conversations cause the driver to visually imagine what they’re talking. This visual imagery competes for processing resources with what the driver sees in front of them on the road.”

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“Our findings have implications for real-life mobile phone conversations. The person at the other end of the phone might ask “where did you leave the blue file?” which causing the driver to mentally search a remembered room. The driver may also simply imagine the facial expression of the person whom they’re talking to.

“Clearly this research isn’t a green light to use hand-held mobile phones while driving, however. The use of hand-held phones was made illegal because they interfere while controlling vehicle, but our study adds to a mounting body of research showing that both hands-free and hand-held phones are distracting the drivers. The only ‘safe’ phone in a car is one that’s switched off.

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“Conversations are more visual than we might expect, leading drivers to ignore parts of the outside world in favor of their inner ‘visual world’ — with concerning implications for road safety,” added Dr. Hole.

“However, chatty passengers tend to pose less of a risk than mobile phone conversations. They will usually moderate the conversation when road hazards arise. Someone on the other end of a phone is oblivious to the other demands on the driver and so keeps talking. And talking in person involves non-verbal cues which ease the flow of conversation. Phone conversations are more taxing because they lack these cues,” added Dr. Hole

In the second experiment, the researchers revealed that the distracted drivers suffered from “visual tunneling.” While the undistracted drivers ee movements ranged over a much wider area. Distracted participants could focus their eyes on a small region.

Walnuts Beneficial In Reducing Risk Of Colon Cancer: Study

Walnuts Beneficial In Reducing Risk Of Colon Cancer:

A recent study has come up with the finding that consuming 28 grams of walnuts every day can reduce the chances of developing colon cancer by changing the gut bacteria.

According to one of the researchers of the University of Connecticut Health Centre in the US, Daniel Rosenberg, their findings showed that mice that consumed walnuts as 7-10% of their total calories developed fewer colon cancers. The study also showed that this effect was mostly found in the male species, which witnessed 2.3 times lesser tumours when they were given walnuts instead of a western diet.

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According to Rosenberg, “There is accumulating evidence that eating walnuts may offer a variety of benefits related to health issues, like cancer. This study shows that walnuts may also act as a probiotic to make the colon healthy, which in turn offers protection against colon tumours.”

In order to understand the importance of walnuts, the team of researchers conducted tests on the fecal samples of mice and examined the communities of bacteria present in their digestive tracts. The tests came up with the finding that consuming walnuts push the gut bacteria towards an ecology that was potentially protective against cancer. The researchers have said that in order to declare walnuts as cancer-preventing agents, more tests need to be conducted on humans also.

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Walnuts are considered to be extremely beneficial for the health as they help in healthy ageing and also assist in enhancing the blood cholesterol levels. They contain nutritional compounds, such as, polyunsaturated fatty acids of all the commonly eaten tree nuts, Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids and high levels of Vitamin E, which contains anti-cancer properties.

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