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Microsoft Puts End to Windows 7 and Windows 8 Sales

As a part of their promoting windows 10 operating system, Microsoft had stopped the sales of its most popular operating systems the windows 7 and windows 8.

As per the reports the Microsoft has confirmed the “End of Sales” board to both OS. From now on wards no Pc or laptop will get windows 7 or windows 8 operating system at the time of purchase.

Microsoft says that “End of sales refers to the date when a particular version of Windows is no longer shipped to retailers or Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Examples of OEMS are Dell and Toshiba—PC manufacturers who often pre-install Windows software.”

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Examples of OEMs include Dell and Toshiba, PC manufacturers who often pre-install Windows software.

Windows 7 OS was launched in the year 2009 remains on sale for seven years and the Windows 8/8.1 that has launched in 2012 was on sale for just four years.

The US tech giant says that despite the shutdown of the sales, the ongoing updates support for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 will continue until January 2020 and 2023.

Windows 7 was one of the most loved operating system which was succeeded by windows 8/8.1 that has not received much applause. Even windows loyalists was not satisfied with eighth version of the Windows OS.

The Windows 10 OS that was released in the year 2015 had got good response from all the users and Microsoft also launched two major updates in the starting of this year.

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This move from the Tech giant was purely to promote the sales of Windows 10 OS and to make it reach to many users. Microsoft is also planning to release three major updates for the year 2017.

It is rumoured that the while the first major update is codenamed Redstone 1, second update with a codename Redstone 2 which will release in the earlier months of 2017.

The third major update might be rolled out in summer 2017 and it is codenamed as Redstone 3. Hope that Microsoft will succeed with this single product strategy.

Google New Operating System Called Fuchsia, Currently Developing Secretly

Currently, Google is developing the all new OS which is built to run on the Phones and the Desktops. This new Operating System is known as Fuchsia, which seems to be the complete unique project to the Android and Chrome OS.

The main purpose of developing this new Operating System is still remained unknown. On the Google’s Git repositories Fuchsia is described as Pink + Purple = Fuchsia (a new Operating System).

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Google is building the OS from scratch, it uses the Magenta kernel for smartphones and desktops along with the LK kernel for the “tiny systems.” Each and every OS built and developed by the Google till date has one common thing.

All they are based on the Linux Kernel like Chrome OS, Chrome-casts, Android. Linux has powered Google hardware for many years. However this Magenta is designed to scale much better by enabling Magenta to work on the embedded devices, desktops and smartphones.

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To make this happen, Magenta has to improve upon its Little Kernel base after adding the first class-mode support (Mandatory for the user accounts) and the capability-based security model (which will enable something like Android version 6.0’s permissions to work).

It’s all about just Kernel so far but what about the rest of the OS? Things seem like Google is using the flutter for the UI, as well as the Primary programming language. The decorating on the cake is Escher who is renderer which supports the light diffusion, soft shadows, and other visual effects, with OpenGL or Vulkan under the hood. Shadows and the subtle colour reflections are a key component of Material Design, so it seems Flutter and Escher could be designed for the Material Design User Interface in mind.

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As we all know it has the support for the both 64-bit ARM CPUs and 32-bit which includes the 64-bit PCs. If the users have any technical skills and abilities, then you can even compile by themselves and run this on the real PC or any virtual machine.

One of the people from Google Travis Geiselbrecht even confirmed this would be available soon for the Raspberry Pi 3.

Less than a Month Left to Free Upgrade of Windows 10

As you all know from a long time, the Windows 10 Free Upgrade is ending on July 29, 2016. The users who are yet to utilize the Windows 10 free upgrade can avail the chances quickly. This is the gentle reminder for all the users across the world. The last date is having less than a month. The period for upgrading the operating system is available for a couple of months by the Microsoft.

Currently, Windows 10 is active on 300 Million devices says Microsoft. Windows 10 became largest online services less than a year. Using the Windows 10 is more productive, more secure and more personal. Since the release of this operating system, it is providing the new experiences to the users across the world.

Microsoft Pays $10,000 to Marin Woman for Automatic Window 10 Update

Microsoft is making it clear about the upgradation of the Windows 10. They are allowing the users to select the update procedure. They can choose the upgrade now, or he can schedule the particular time to update or with the simple click he can decline the offer for the upgradation.

Walk through the statistics from the Windows 10 OS.

The voice assistant Cortana has helped by answering more than 6 billion questions since the launch.

More than 62 billion minutes of time is spent on the Edge browser and the 50% growth since the last quarter. This is the best browser comes with the Windows 10 replacing the Internet Explorer and helps you all getting the things done effectively and efficiently.

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The rate of users had increased like never before, the user rate of playing the games on the Windows 10 has grown better when compared with the previous operating systems. Since the launch, 9 billion hours of gameplay is done on the Windows 10.

The applications which come with the Windows 10 like Photos, Groove Music, Movies and TV are grabbing millions of users each month. More than 144 million users are using the Photos.

Windows 10 ‘Anniversary Update’to make a big push for Education

The services provided by the Windows 10 are getting better every month. Many more features and enhancements are about to arrive in the future on the Windows 10 Anniversary update. As this OS is significantly gaining the mark, Microsoft is looking to include the several features in the future updates.

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