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Instagram testing the latest update on Shoppable Photo Tagging

Are you like me on Instagram, Scrolling all the feeds and trigger these items to purchase them. When you come across some good looking goggles, a pair of jeans, stylish and premium phone cases, generally you take the screenshot of it. Later you struggle in searching the item for purchasing. Haunting the product you love and where to buy is the hectic task, and you give up in the end without finding the desired. To overcome on this, Instagram has introduced the new feature for tagging the product manufacturer on the product image.

Nowadays mobiles have changed the way of shopping people do. In fact, 84% of the smartphone users in the United States browse research or compare products in the web browser or the mobile app. Browsing and searching on the mobile are easy than finding the information on the other sources and platforms.

Instagram is Testing Live Videos with Go Insta Feature

To test these features and experience the new update, 20 US-based retail brands are selected, which includes Jack Threads, Kate Spade, and Warby Parker will be sharing the posts which contain more depth. This let the Instagrammers for reviewing and learn about and consider the products they are interested in.

Each post on the Insta will have the top to view icon on the bottom left of the image. When you tap the tag that appears on the image, it will showcase the product details including their prices. Once the user taps the tag, it gets selected, and the new detailed view of the product is opened. This will bring the important information for the customer; earlier he has to leave the Instagram app for searching. Once the user visits the link, he’ll be provided with the official website details. With the simple click, he can be redirected to the official site.

Instagram chosen 20 US retail brands and here are the words delivered by their officials about this new update.

Instagram introduces Suicide Prevention Tool

“Instagram is where we reflect the interesting life of the kate spade new york girl through relatable social moments which highlight the products that are characters in her story,” says Mary Beech, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Kate Spade & Company.

“Our community uses Instagram as an aspirational discovery platform, and they’re looking to us for inspiration,” says Ryan McIntyre, CMO, JackThreads

This new feature on the Instagram will be rolling out in the next week for select iOS users in the US.

Google Keep New Update: App shortcuts and pinned messages

Google keep adds app shortcuts and pinned messages in an update. Now it is very easy to save important messages to the top off with a handy little pin icon. If you are the user of the pixel or Android 7.1, then you can jump into specific action through app shortcuts.

Google Drive Now Allows You to Search Like You Talk 

By clicking on the circular button, you will get several options. You have many options like new audio note, new photo note, the new list and the new note. You can touch and hold any one of the opinions and pin it straightly on the home screen.

It is used to capture what’s on your mind and get a reminder later at the right time or place. You can add notes, lists and photos, share your ideas with friends and family, color and add labels to code notes to quickly organize. It is like reminder which reminds your to-do list.

Google’s Official Wallpapers App Now Available On Google Play Store

Google keep latest version is taking advantage of this by introducing the ability to utilize them from the home screen app icon. By placing this app on the home screen, you can easily pin your notes. This is time saving and no need to go back to specific notes again and again. You can easily save your notes on the top of the screen.

You can download this latest update from Google play store or APK mirror

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