Next President of USA

The U.S president election is the most expensive,watched and longest  election in the entire world. This grueling race for the white house between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton is entering its final week.

Over 120 million Americans will go to the polls on November 8 to determine the 45th President of the United States.

Former state Secretary Clinton has observed a double-digit polling lead over her opponent. The margin for Clinton has been reduced in the recent days with the rise of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)’s latest investigation into emails supposedly linked to the Democrat’s use of a private server.

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Over viewing the profiles, nothing sticks to Trump neither his admission of groping women, nor the videos of him are mocking disabled. Not boasts of avoiding taxes, Demonizing immigrants and minorities, and not his consistently falsifying facts adds voters to look towards Clinton.

Everything sticks to Clinton; allegations of corruption, charges of endangering national security, rumors of marital compromises, with little regard for her well-chronicled record of public service.

It’s been a confused affair for Trump over the past year as he closed the gap on his Democrat rival remarkably in the closing days of the US Presidential Election.

However, Trump seemed to have misspent his chances of victory after the appearance of a series of hot comments and allegations of sexual misconduct in the last few months. Another turnaround is, FBI’s launching fresh investigation into Clinton using emails has given a renewed hope for Trump in the major swing states.

The first US presidential debate observed Clinton securing a major gain over Trump nationally. The first debate has set a record 84 million people on television. The democrat’s polling also spectator a surge around the second presidential debate.

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One thing that we can surely guarantee is the reality that the contest between the two bitter challengers has narrowed down with the former state secretary at 47 percent overall while real estate mogul is chasing just behind on 45.6 per cent.

However, it is too early to predict the winner at this moment considering the FBI’s announcement of reopening the investigation on Clinton’s email usage.


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