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Top 10 Best and Most Popular Gaming Websites of 2020

Top 10 Best and Most Popular Gaming Websites of This Year

Games are the best things and most of the users draw their attention on the internet.

In this post, we are listing out the Top 10 Best and Most Popular Gaming Websites in the year 2020; in case you don’t find your favorite one in this list, do drop in your comment, and we’ll be happy to update this list.

The calculation of these gaming websites which is visited most by the users and the trending sites are listed. You can also check the Global Alexa Rank estimated traffic for the respective websites.  Now it’s time to go through the online gaming platform websites where most of the users are loved to visit.

  1. ROBLOX (https://www.roblox.com)

ROBLOX is the one of top most gaming website online gaming platform for the “gaming community.” This is a website for kids and teens. The users can create the games and can let others play in the online. So far 15 Million games have been created by more than 300,000 users generating highly creative and immersive experiences in the ROBLOX. The gamer can experience the 3D multi-player games and compete with the opponent (i.e. Friends) which they made on ROBLOX.

You can also access from all mobile devices, computers and Xbox.

ROBLOX “Powering Imagination” as their slogan and over six million explorers visits every month. ROBLOX creates adventurous gaming experience, role play, play games and learns with their friends. The Website Alexa Rank is 355 across the world and estimated web traffic is 72 Million monthly visitors. ROBLOX is the top and popular gaming website.

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  1. BATTLE.NET (http://us.battle.net/en)

BATTLE.NET was developed by the Blizzard Entertainment, the premier developer and the publisher in the entertainment software established in 1994. Within less time company became the most popular in making the computer games. Blizzard Entertainment has become supreme in creating the best and well-designed highly enjoyable experiences. The users can buy the games once they register on the Gaming Websites and you can also download the desktop application which is available on the site.

BATTLE.NET engages more than 91.5 million monthly visits to the site. This Alexa rank of this gaming website Battle.net is 386. BATTLE.NET allows the users to download the BATTLE.NET Mobile Authenticator app from the Google Play store and the IOS app store. BATTLE.NET is the one of the top and popular gaming website.

  1. FRIV (http://friv.com)

FRIV is the one of the top and popular gaming website on the internet. This is the best and safe place to play popular games. You can play many online games for free on this website. You can find different games like car games, puzzle games, boy’s games, girl’s games, dress up games and more.  When you visit the FRIV website, all the games are listed in a unique style. All the available games are listed in small tiles displayed with the icon of the game. You are just one click away from playing the online games for free.

There is no need for registering in the FRIV website for playing the games, and direct access is provided. FRIV provides the different games like Baseball, Boom, Pac-xon deluxe, Ninja Shape, Fire catcher, Dynamite Tram, etc.

FRIV is the one of the top and popular gaming website holding the global Alexa rank with 428. The user visit and the user engagement for this website are good and high. Every month total visits are nearly 133 million users.

  1. Y8 (http://www.y8.com)

Y8 is another top and popular gaming website more than 50000 games can play at the Y8.com website. The users can play the games with registration in the Y8 website and can also play without login into the site. But if you are registered user your scores are calculated and also you can compete for the leaderboard positions. Parental control is available on this website which can be accessed only after entering the credentials. The users can easily navigate the most favourite games, best of the new games, new games and other categories. The distinguishing of the games in this website is made easy.

Y8 is running as one of the top and popular website with 637 as the Alexa rank throughout the world. The number of users visit the Y8.com website for each month is approximately 53.20 million. The primary source for this heavy traffic is generated mostly from the direct users. So now what you are waiting for playing any game on the Y8.com, which is the biggest collection to play in the online which supports different software like Flash, 3D, HTML5, Java and other shockwave games, etc.

  1. POGO (http://www.pogo.com)

POGO is the top and best website for gaming. It let the users play the games in online. Puzzle games, board games, card games, word, casino, arcade, etc. All these different types of games are played on the POGO. The users can play the games on the online by logging on the website without the registration. This website is best for the kids and teens with the limited age. With the best and top games, POGO is different from the other websites.

POGO holds 1003 as the Alexa Rank in the global and more than 12 Million monthly visitors visit this website. POGO is the top and most popular gaming website in the year 2016.

  1. PLARIUM (http://plarium.com)

PLARIUM is the top and popular gaming website globally. PLARIUM.com is mainly specialised in the browser gaming and browser games. Over 1000 employees, the company studios located across the world at USA, UK, Israel, Russia and Ukraine.  The website contains more than 250 million users across 150 countries.

PLARIUM is the top and popular gaming website which has 1163 as the Alexa Rank in the world and every month more than 71 Million users visit the website for playing these amazing games at PLARIUM.

  1. MINICLIP (http://www.miniclip.com/games/en)

MINICLIP is the best platform for the online gaming and it is the top and most popular gaming website. In this leading online games site, where you can play a huge range of free online games including action games, mobile games, iPhone games, Android games, Windows Phone, games for kids, flash games, sports games, puzzle games, games for girls and much more.

MINICLIP holds 1233 as the Alexa rank in the global or across the world. MINICLIP acquires the ztraffic of 33.20 million users every month. The user visit to the MINICLIP website is increasing every month.

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  1. A10 (http://www.a10.com)

Are you looking for the fantastic online games? Then you have to check the A10.com for sure. This A10.com has the awesome free online games for you. Now enjoy the action, racing and multi-player games in the online. Now check the user estimated traffic and the rankings for the A10.com website.

A10 is the best and most popular gaming website in the year 2016. A10 have the Alexa rank 1412 throughout the global and the estimated monthly visitors of about 23.20 million. This is the real number for this popular and reputed gaming website. The most of the visitors to this website is navigated from Russian and the South American countries.

  1. ARMORGAMES (http://armorgames.com)

ARMORGAMES is the best and most popular gaming website in the year 2016. Earlier ARMORGAMES had another name called Games of Gondor. This is the real change indeed much needed an alternate name. The website has the games like Hob the Hobbit and Orc Slayer, Armor games now available to play in the online. The users have to register on the website with the valid email ID and once they login they can enjoy the games on the site. This website also supports the social websites integration; you can log in with your Facebook, Gmail Accounts.

ARMORGAMES holds the Alexa rank of 2,900 in the global position. The traffic of the users who visit the website monthly is nearly 18 million users to this website.

  1. BIGFISHGAMES (http://www.bigfishgames.com)

BIGFISHGAMES is one of the best and most popular gaming website in the year 2016. The game founded in the year 2002 and this is the world’s largest distributor and producer of the casual games and delivering the fun to the millions of the people across the world. The games on the website are available in the mobile and online browser for the easy access to the games. Big Fish has distributed more than 2.5 billion games to customers in 150 countries from a growing catalogue of 450+ unique mobile games and 3,500+ unique PC games.

BIGFISHGAMES is available to iPad, iPhone, Android, PC and MAC. BIG FISHGAMES holds 2457 as the Alexa global rank across the world. BIGFISHGAMES carries the traffic of 9.5 million monthly active users on this website.

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NBA 2K17: Simple Method to Get Locker Codes

NBA 2K17 Locker codes are now accessible once more for the gamers. It is usually given by NBA 2K in their official Social Media Pages. NBA 2K17 fans can unlock attributes and freebies inside the game with these codes, and the only way to do so is to acquire these from the company who produced the game.

Another way to get the codes is to visit this nba 2k17 locker codes blog.  As mentioned in itechpost, these are the steps in getting one for your game console: First, the gamer should choose the gaming console that he or she is using. Afterwards, Users will then be given choices with the items that they want to obtain such as virtual currencies or diamond code. Players should remember that the codes are case sensitive. Make sure to input it with dashes. Gamers should input their valid information in order to reveal the code. Input the codes once you receive it in your email because there is an expiration period for each code you get.

On the other hand, Ruffles and Walmart collaborated for their first locker code giveaway promo. Fans will be able to get a locker code by just buying a copy of “NBA 2K17” and two bags of Ruffles at Walmart. The promo began on Sept. 10 and will run till Oct. 2. Moreover, players will also 5000 (virtual currency) and dunk animation. This only for the PlayStation 4 Xbox 1 and Windows Computer. Previous-generation consoles are not included in the promo.

Now, fans need to take a picture of the receipt and send it to Ruffles NBA2K17@2K.com. Keep in mind that the items should be purchased from Walmart within the promo period. 2K Sports will also honor items that have been purchased from distinct dates as long as they were purchased within the promo period.

Additionally, a customer can only avail of up to ten locker codes and can submit up to 11:59 p.m. on Nov. 15 only. For gamers that already have locker codes, they can redeem them by going to the {main menu of the game, then going to “Options/Features,” choose the “Locker Codes” option and enter the Locker Code from there.

Meanwhile, several news outlets have warned fans about websites providing free Locker Codes for “NBA 2K17.” Most of these sites are scams, requiring users to sign-up or complete surveys in order to have the code but are just out there to get personal individual information and worse, money from unsuspecting players. People are already reporting that Locker Codes coming from these type of sites do not work, and fans must stay away from them. Genuine Locker Codes can only be given by 2K Sports and their partners.

Players are very eager to get these codes and has been at the top of google search results. Always remember that these locker codes can make or break your game. It is suggested that you get your myplayer rating by playing games and not using this kind of codes.

Pokemon go apk latest version android free download

How to download Pokémon Go on Android Smartphone

Niantic’s latest AR mobile game Pokemon Go creating ripples in the world of internet.Pokémon Go for Android and IOS game currently limited to few countries.Gamers who want to try, can download direct APK which is available here

Pokémon Go, a popular augmented reality mobile game is now available for Android users. The AR game was released in the month of July 2016 in selected regions.

“Pokémon Go” Will Now Allow You To Trade, Battle And Catch Pokemon In Real Life

Android and iOS users in United States, Australia and New Zealand can download the location-based game from the Google Play Store at free of cost. The game would be made soon available for other countries.

Pokémon Go is developed by American Software developer company Niantic, Inc in association with Nintendo and The Pokémon Company

The Key person behind the Pokémon Go game is John Hanke of CEO of Niantic Labs. He is also the creator of the INGRESS, an augmented-reality massive multiplayer game.

Pokémon Go AR game is all about bringing the Pokémon characters into the real world. The game progresses with locating, catching, doing battles and trading Pokémon. The game works on location-based algorithms and mainly uses the camera, sensors of your Smartphone.

Pokemon go download:

The game makes use of the Player’s smartphone GPS and clock to identify you in the game and makes Pokémon appear on your phone screen, and you can catch them by throwing a ball. Totally the game would be featuring with more than 150 Pokémon creatures to look and catch to progress to the next level.

Pokemon Go rolls out for iOS and Android only in selected regions

A special accessory called ‘GO PLUS’ was designed by the developers, that resembles a band that alerts users whenever a Pokémon is around you. The game wearable would be costing you around $35.

The beauty of the game is playing it on mobile along with the interaction of real world. Players will progress into the next level after collecting some special items. The game was designed in a way that it will make players walk around at least for 2kms on average. This point makes the game unique from traditional mobile games that require only minimum physical movement and also maintain gamers to be physically fit.

Pokémon Go craze had reached peaks in the countries which it has been released so far. About 5.16% of Android devices in the US had installed this Android Augmented Reality game which shows how people are crazy about it. Due to this Nintendo shares increased by 20% within a week of its release.

Download Latest version of Pokémon Go:

The Pokémon Go game had got an update from 0.29.0 to 0.29.1.The bug which claims to be capturing user credentials from the Google account has been fixed in the new update.

The craze for the game had hiked enormously that people are gathering to play the game, and the gathering places are called Poke spots, Poke stops. An incident in Sydney had happened that involved about 300 Pokémon Go players gathered at an apartment and created a mess by playing the game from midnight 11’o clock to 6’o clock the next morning.

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Due to the loud noise and shouting’s of the gamers the residents who lacked a full night sleep lodged a complaint against them. Police have to intervene and made them vacate that spot.

The AR game allows you to travel around your surroundings, landmarks and other locations in your city. You will face a challenge to catch the Pokémon creatures and train, battle them at gyms.

pokemon go critics view:

As every coin has two phases this game is no exception being so entertained and also good for health (Physical movement) Pokémon Go also has some limitations.

Many Accidents had occurred to people who are playing without taking notice of their surroundings. In spite of warnings made by the developers, people are not taking care of what’s moving around their locale and getting in trouble in the form of accidents.

Pokemon Go will be available in July along with wrist wearable called Go Plus

The geo-location feature of the game was cleverly used by the armed robbers attract players to an isolated location and robbed them at gunpoint. As per the cops, a total of 11 Pokémon Go gamers had been robbed by four convicts who were identified and arrested.

To download the Pokémon game on your Android device Just Go to your Google Play store, Search for Pokémon Go and install it. You will be receiving an error message if the game isn’t available in your country.

Another way to download the game is to download the APK file of Pokémon Go from different non-Google websites on the Internet and save it to your smartphone via USB or storing it in SD card.

Before installing users have to open their Smartphone Settings ->Security -> enable the installation of apps from unknown sources button. Now tap on Pokémon GO in your downloads, Install and enjoy the game.

NOTE: The downloading of APK from other websites is not advisable. It may contain some virus or something malicious that may enable hackers to hack user’s data by taking control of their smartphones.

Team Fortress 2 comes with a Competitive multiplayer mode

The most favourite shooting game Team Fortress 2 had finally got a much-awaited update. The Publishers of the game had officially confirmed the update and other information about the changes had been unveiled.

Valve Corporation, developer and publisher of the game had finished the beta testing of the updated game which started a year ago. The main features included in the update are the Competitive Mode, Matchmaking ability and the casual unranked mode instead of the Quickplay option.

The update is the result of the surprise announcement made earlier this week. In this Competitive Mode every win and loss counts, the gamer will be matched up with similar level opponents and basing upon the performance & result of the game, player’s rank would be decided.

Microsoft unveils Project Scorpio, VR Focused Gaming Console: ‘The Most Powerful Console Ever’

The number of wins or loses will alter the individual level. Are you thinking of playing the game in competitive mode? Hold on a second, and this mode would be accessible only to users who link their mobile number with the account and have to purchase a particular item. Premium status would be given to the users who would satisfy the above criteria.

Valves also provided game seekers with another alternative of purchasing a Competitive Access Pass for $9.99.

The update also comes with three new community maps namely Sunshine, Metalworks and Swiftwater. Valves also introduced four new taunts, which includes three community taunts for Pyro, Spy and Soldier, and an official taunt for the Scout.

‘Avatar’ Multiplayer Game Now On Your Mobile

In addition to the changes mentioned above, there are several other modifications to the game such as new sounds, improved UI elements and few other bug fixes. It’s going to be a wish come true for the Team Fortress 2 lovers and it is exciting to see how the game fans would respond to the update.

Sony Agrees To Pay Millions For Abdicating Linux On PS3

Sony after six long years has finally agreed to pay off to the Linux Gamers in order to settle down the PS3 Linux Lawsuit. Looking back in to the story Song launched the Play station 3, a new generation gaming console with “OtherOS” support which enables the gamers to install Linux or any other PowerPC compatible operating system on to gaming console. And after a couple of years the company has released a new system update 3.2.1 on 28th March, 2010 which disabled the “install OtherOS” feature for the PS3 consoles.

Now, on Friday Sony and lawyers representing around 10 million PS3 console owners has ended up this with a deal. As per the terms of the accord, all eligible gamers receive $55 if they can prove that they have used Linux on their old fat PS3 (Not the Slim PS3 model, which never supported OtherOS) or if they can prove that they have owned OtherOS on the gaming console.

Sony PlayStation VR headset will knock the market on October 2016 at $399

The proposed settlement is not yet approved by the California Federal judge. The settlement which will be reviewed shortly by the US District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, as the next hearing is scheduled for 2 pm, 19th July in Oakland, California. As of now the plan also claims that the company will be paying $9 to each console owner who purchased a PS3 for “Other OS” functionality. In addition, the settlement also provides $2.25 million in attorneys’ fees for the lawyers who brought this suit.

Eligible gamers who can receive cash payment in this settlement are, “all persons in the United States who purchased a Fat PS3 model in the United States between November 1, 2006, and April 1, 2010.” Well, the record did not mention the total amount this would cost Sony, but it is expected to pay millions of dollars.

Microsoft unveils Project Scorpio, VR Focused Gaming Console: ‘The Most Powerful Console Ever’

The entertainment company is agreeing to hire the PlayStation network’s email database to inform its customers about the settlement “Additionally, the Notice Program provides for Internet notice via banner ads and search-related advertising on CNET, IGN, GameSpot.com and other websites intended to reach the targeted audience based on market research from GfK Mediamark Research, Inc. and comScore.” This also clarifies the use of social media to alert class members about the settlement.

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