Team Fortress 2

The most favourite shooting game Team Fortress 2 had finally got a much-awaited update. The Publishers of the game had officially confirmed the update and other information about the changes had been unveiled.

Valve Corporation, developer and publisher of the game had finished the beta testing of the updated game which started a year ago. The main features included in the update are the Competitive Mode, Matchmaking ability and the casual unranked mode instead of the Quickplay option.

The update is the result of the surprise announcement made earlier this week. In this Competitive Mode every win and loss counts, the gamer will be matched up with similar level opponents and basing upon the performance & result of the game, player’s rank would be decided.

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The number of wins or loses will alter the individual level. Are you thinking of playing the game in competitive mode? Hold on a second, and this mode would be accessible only to users who link their mobile number with the account and have to purchase a particular item. Premium status would be given to the users who would satisfy the above criteria.

Valves also provided game seekers with another alternative of purchasing a Competitive Access Pass for $9.99.

The update also comes with three new community maps namely Sunshine, Metalworks and Swiftwater. Valves also introduced four new taunts, which includes three community taunts for Pyro, Spy and Soldier, and an official taunt for the Scout.

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In addition to the changes mentioned above, there are several other modifications to the game such as new sounds, improved UI elements and few other bug fixes. It’s going to be a wish come true for the Team Fortress 2 lovers and it is exciting to see how the game fans would respond to the update.


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