A 21-yr old Sidharth, the Computer Science Engineering Student of Delhi Technological University (DTU), has been received a job offer by the US-based car aggregator Uber. He was offered the job for the position of Software Engineer with an annual salary of Rs. 1.25 crore at San Francisco office.

According to the reports, the salary offered by the Uber includes basic pay of Rs. 71 lakh along with other benefits with the total of Rs. 1.25 crore. “I am looking forward to grooming my technological skills at Uber before I begin brainstorming on my start-up plan which I see as a long-term goal,” Sidharth said in an interview.

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While this is the second-highest pay offered for the student of Delhi Technological University and this is not the first time that Uber offered such a huge salary. Last year in the month of December, during placements in Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Uber offered 1.25 crore package for the M.tech passed out student in international profile.

The highest package for the student in Delhi Technological University was in the year 2015 when Google offered an annual package of 1.27 crore for the selected student. Sidharth mentioned that he had taken the seven-week internship with Uber. Along with him, one more student from IIT has selected in the recruitment.

“It was a delight to have received the job offer, and I am now looking forward to moving to San Francisco,” said Sidharth. The 21-yr old student father works as a consultant, and his mother works transcript as a freelancer.