Xiaomi, founded in 2010, has now become one of the top smartphone sellers with its success of Redmi phones. The company that is growing slowly has satisfied all the requirements of the customers ranging from smart touch screen to latest android version. The only thing that the company was lagging behind was the premium category and now it seems that even this is fulfilled. With the current smartphone industry already dominated by companies like Apple and Samsung, it will be a treat to watch Xiaomi making its place in the premium category.

The company, which is headed by Lei Jun, had recently released its new project called Poco, which will be used as a platform to launch premium smartphones. The phones under this project will be sold worldwide.

The lead product manager of Xiaomi wrote in his Facebook post, “Poco is all about making a powerful smartphone with the technologies that truly matter. Recently it feels like the pace of innovation in the smartphone industry has slowed down, while prices are creeping up with flagship smartphones now past the $1000 mark. We set out to build something to buck this trend. For the first product, we got to basics and focus entirely on speed. Not just speak performance speed, but actual, real-world speed.

The company will be focusing on an integral part of the project, which will involve new design along with basic modeling provided by the company itself. The main focus will be on delivering highly upgraded smartphones at an affordable price.

Currently, One Plus 6 stands at the number one position beating companies like Apple and Samsung. Well, being in the premium category has its own advantages. When compared to low category, the profit in premium category is high. Along with it, you can get a taste of competition and rivals. This is not the first time the company has tried entering the premium category. This is the second attempt of the company with its Poco project.

With Samsung, Apple and One Plus already ruling over 80% of the premium category, Xiaomi will have a lot to work out.



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