With companies shifting to remote culture abruptly amid an unprecedented international response to the COVID-19 pandemic, work life now looks drastically different for most people.

Undeniably, in this new and ever-evolving situation, video has been thrusted to the center stage and is now seen as one of the best solutions to adapt to this time’s ever-changing needs.

Recently, many businesses have been scrambling to implement video in their effort to stay productive. More importantly, they’ve also turned to corporate videos to keep their sales and marketing efforts moving.

In this article, discover how adding video production in your marketing efforts can get you ahead of the pack and how you as a business can get it right.

The Current Business Climate

Undeniably, there’s a lot of uncertainty going on in the markets and the economy as a whole. That being said, most businesses are finding ways to adapt effectively. Amid the  drastic changes and the uncertainty, businesses are trying to make good decisions—ones that can serve them well and set them up for success.

In line with this, many people have decided to make the digital jump so to speak to protect the safety of employees and customers and to stay relevant especially now that most people are spending more time online.

The Irreplaceable Role of Videos

Video is the only content that allows consumers (current and prospects alike) to see, hear, and know businesses on a more intimate level. This kind of impact makes videos truly irreplaceable as a marketing channel.

Think about this: In times of uncertainty, people turn to the addresses of world leaders for solace. Seeing them deliver their address is much more reassuring than just reading about it. The same principle applies to corporate videos.

Nowadays, many companies have been sending out emails to customers to address how the current pandemic is affecting their businesses and how it might affect their interactions with the customers.

For most customers however, an email just can’t deliver the same impact and reassurance say, a quick 1-minute video can. If anything, it just doesn’t create that bond and connection between the brand and the consumers.

In addition, apart from providing real and human connection, videos can give people the opportunity to get to know the business and the brand better as they address the elephant in the room.

Creating Videos in the Times of Lockdowns and Quarantines

Of course it would make perfect sense for businesses to leverage the videos they already have. But how can they best handle the need to create new ones? Understandably, creating long and intricate videos with a lot of people involved is not an option right now.

The good news? Businesses have other options they can turn to that are just as effective. For instance, they can invest in a quick animation and white-board videos to get their message across.

If anything, consumers primarily just want to hear from brands and businesses and their tolerance of production value is actually lower at this point in time. In other words, you don’t have to create grand videos right now.

White-board, animation, and explainer videos will do. They’ll be just as effective and create just as much of an impact. The idea is this: today’s unprecedented times will require creativity and innovation and brands should be able to rise to the occasion.

Mark Schaefer, an internationally recognised social media marketing expert and consultant hit the nail right on the head when he said, “This crisis is going to be exceptionally interesting as it relates to ads. Big ad shoots are being canceled.”

“How will brands get their messages out through a stay at home creative workforce? Don’t just use technology to do the same thing in a different way. Use technologies in creative new ways to dispense unique value.”


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