Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, one-third of the world is under lockdown and millions of people are staying inside their homes. There are many people who are largely dependent upon delivery services for daily meals. Google Maps has come up with an interesting feature that would help people know about the restaurants near them that are offering takeaways and delivery services.

<h3>How Are Top e commerce logistics companies in India Taking Advantage of This?</h3>

Top e commerce logistics companies in India like Shipyaari have been helping businesses run efficiently, and deliver essential items across the country, along with non-essentials in green zones.

With Google Maps’ new features, users can now see highlights of the restaurants near them with delivery and takeaway services. These takeaway and delivery options are available for both Android and iOS users in COVID-19 hit countries like Italy, the US, India and also other parts of the world. 

Benefits for Users

Users can find the takeaway and delivery shortcuts options alongside the shortcuts for restaurants. As they click on the delivery option, they can easily find a list of nearby restaurants that are delivering food in that locality. Similarly, they can also find lists of restaurants that are offering takeaway services. This feature will help millions of people to continue with the lockdown and at the same time also support the local businesses to sustain during this pandemic. 

Restaurant owners who would like to take this opportunity will have to integrate their business with Google Maps. Eatery businesses can thus serve the community in this fight against the coronavirus pandemic. 

These new Google Maps features will no doubt help both the restaurant owners and the people at large. In these hard times of lockdowns and self-quarantine, Google Maps have emerged as a bridge between customers and restaurants.

Google has also offered similar mixed mode features, like map shortcuts for other services, like gas stations, chemists, ATMs etc. to its users, which are emerging as very useful services. The search engine giant has been actively involved in providing millions of people with the latest coronavirus updates, thus making it easier for them to find safe places for food and other essential services. 

The recent update in this regard will not only help people get their daily meals quickly but will also help to ensure that it is coming from safe restaurants. Well, there are other food delivery apps that are also rendering good services, but people are still insecure about their safety issues. Unlike those apps, people with Google Maps will now be much more aware of where it is safe to visit or order online.

Well, until and unless a vaccine is developed against COVID-19, these precautionary features offered by Google to its millions of users will be very helpful to slow down the rate of infections, which is very important at this point of time. And, the Top e commerce logistics companies in India would continue to try their best to come up with innovative solutions, and do their best.


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