Whatsapp virus alert

Defense and Security organizations received alerts from central security agencies about the malicious activity of the Whatsapp virus. Some groups with the false name of NDA and NIA may breach and hack the personal information and banking data.

On December 30th an advisory was released to the defense and security organizations in all states about the virus file. There are two virus files which are circulating over the instant messaging application. This file has the capability of seeing the information of the users especially defense people.

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The two files are accessed by PTI, and they are NDA-ranked-8th-toughest-College-in-the-world-to-get-into.xls” and “NIA-selection-order-.xls.”

The officials said NDA is here to understood to be indicating to National Defense Academy in Khadakwasla in Pune while NIA to the terrorist incidents’ probe organization-

They found out that this virus is formatted in the form of MS Excel, but officials did not rule out its aliases in the ‘MS Word’ or ‘PDF’ formats to attack a user’s phone and data. The advisory added corrupted file are programmed to extract the information from the user like login accounts, banking details, passwords,

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As NDA and NIA are the important organization’s many people will click on these Whatsapp Virus files in curiosity. The men and women working in the paramilitary group are the main targeted groups for the creators of this file. The creators of file wants to hack the data in the device.

Officials said the advisory has shared with the field formations of security force so that the troops and officers are made aware and alerted against this virus spreading in the instant messaging cyberspace recently.

The officials said the personnel has also been asked to report these incidents to their Information technology cells. They are sending alert messages to the users about this virus which hacks the data, so users of whatsapp beware of these two files.


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