New Delhi: It’s a known fact that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg owned Whatsapp too. Ever since he took over Whatsapp, he has been making so many changes and improving the app such as launching last seen, stories, etc. Now, this instant messaging app is planning to introduce a new feature with its beta version.

According to that feature, the message from a person to someone else will get disappeared in 5 minutes. However, it’s not clear how much time it takes to disappear. The feature is available in only the web version of 0.2.2024. We can avail this feature by changing the settings.

Another new feature is to edit the font of our message we send. The feature is also available in the beta version of 2.17.148. By upgrading to this version, we can select the text before sending and change the font to bold or italic.

We can use that feature to send any most important messages. These features are currently only available in the beta version only. It is yet to be known when they will be available for regular users. Android Nougat update has also launched a new feature to translate the text immediately if we have google translate app installed.


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