Recently, Google has teased out its host of VR web applications on its new WebVR Experiments page. This WebVR brings the VR for Chrome and Android devices as well. Android user with Google Cardboard can experience the WebVR even without a Daydream-ready phone.

Now, one of these WebVR applications allows you to visit the places you wish just with a voice command. Google speak to go feature essentially works on Cardboard platforms and VR headsets on the Daydream. Never the less, you can now experience it on your smartphone or computer with Chrome browser and a microphone.

Once you are ready with all the requirements, you can press the button on the VR viewer or the space bar. Say the name of the location you want to visit and Google will take you there. For instance, say “Taj Mahal”, you’ll sense the wonder of the world almost live. The feature works by extracting the info from the Google Street View data available with it.

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“To create Speak to Go we mixed WebVR with the Web Speech API – allowing your device to recognize what you say – and 360° imagery from around the globe so you can go almost anywhere in the world instantly,” Google writes about the Speak to Go feature in a blog post.

The Google VR headset gives you the best experience in sensing the location with the 360-degree view. However, you can also get the Google speak to go on your desktop or PC with the loss of some features found in VR headset.

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