On Wednesday, in a press event, the most reliable high speed network provider Verizon Wireless has made an announcement of its new plans, a redesigned app and new features. Verizon is rebuilding its plans by raising the plans with excess data. Though they are expensive, the new plans now provide “at least 30% more data.”

According to the reports every plan is being offered more data for an extra charge that will be around $5-10. The basic plan “S” will rise to $35 but provides 2 gigabytes of data which was previously 1 gigabyte for $30. Next the “M” plan which is also increased by $5 to $50 for each month with the raise in data from 3 GB to 4GB. The “L” plan is raised by $10 which offers 8GB of data for $70, whereas the older plan gives 6GB data for $60. The “XL” plan goes up by $10 offering 6GB of data for $90 a month. This plan previously offered 12GB for $80. And finally, the “XXL” plan cost hiked by $10 which now offers 24GB for $110, while earlier it was 18GB of data for $100 a month.

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I’m sure that users will be satisfied with the new plans which provide extra data for not much added cost. Well, the big red has also announced few new options like “Carryover data, Safety Mode, Data Boost, unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada.”

Carryover Data – This free feature will be available to anyone who sign-ups for the new Verizon plans. Like AT&T’s Rollover model you will be able to carry your unused data to the next month. However, the data doesn’t carry over beyond that month for you to access it in six months.

Safety Mode – Customers who are on XL or XXL data plans can activate this feature through My Verizon App. This feature will slow your connection down to 128 kilobits per second until the next billing cycle and this is equal to a dial-up modem. With a payment of $5 customers on low-end plans can avail this feature. Verizon claims that this feature is offered for top two tiers because they are folks who often go over on their data and pay over fees.

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Data Boost – This feature is available for any customer on Safety mode. Verizon allows you to add on 1GB of data to your plan which costs $15.

International calling and roaming for Mexico and Canada - Customers on one new Verizon plans can get unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada or use the plan’s talk, text, and data allotment. Customers on the XL or XXL plans, that all comes to you at no extra cost. And customers on smaller plans like S, M, or L plans can avail this feature for $5 per month in Mexico and Canada.


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