Facebook always have the desire to reach the Internet to everywhere in the world. The technology keeps on updating every day with the latest advancements and inventions. Earlier Facebook has come up with the drones and the Facebook Eye Laser technology. Facebook has announced the new device which is called Cellular Access point.

Facebook wants to improve the connectivity in rural areas of the world, and they had designed and tested the open source and the cost effective, software defined wireless access platform. This platform supports various range of communication options in the network. This supports everything from 2G to LTE.

There are two primary subsystems composed of this system. One is a general purpose and the band-based computing (GBC) with the integrated power and the housekeeping system and radio frequency with the integrated analogue front-end.

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Facebook is aiming to work with TIP (Telecom Infra Project) members for building an active open source community in the cellular access technology development. They also had the plans to select and trail location for the further validations of the technical, operational and functional aspects of this platform.

From the reports, more than 4 million people were still not connected to the internet, and 10 % of the world population were living out of the range of cellular connectivity. In the past 20 years, the global adoption of the mobile phones has increased drastically, and the cellular support is given for the basic connecting services. But in some places across the world, still the services like broadband are unavailable and unaffordable. Facebook is looking forward to overcoming these things and looking for multiple approaches in increasing the connectivity infrastructures and make them happen with the lower cost.

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Facebook is introduced the OpenCellular access platform, and they are open source. The main goal of this project is to develop the affordable new technology which can expand the capacity and make it more cost effective for the operations to deploy the places where the coverage is infrequent. With this, we can expect to decrease the cost for the operations and make this accessible to new participants.

As the service is mainly about to operate in the remote areas where the technical experts are not available each time readily, so the developers took the opportunity in extending the existing open source and developed the real-time system for monitoring the things remotely.

Currently, the OpenCellular system is in testing phase in the labs at the Facebook Head-quarters. They are working with the OEM and ODM partners to make the OpenCellular platform widely available.

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The design of the OpenCellular is the open system and from the telecom operators to the researchers and the entrepreneurs can set up and utilise and operate the wireless network in remote places. The device is sized about a shoe box, and this supports up to 1,500 people even who are 10 kilometres away.


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