Creators have always been inspired by the real-life sea animals and birds on how they use wind or water to travel. So, following the same, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras has developed the underwater drones.

IIT-Madras scientists have developed a real-life-inspired impulsion system for underwater drones or unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV). These include fin-like edges motivated by penguins, turtles, fishes and whiplash-like rudders.

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As per latest reports, the underwater vehicles will be able to navigate like the sea animals without creating any disturbance, thus including a natural secrecy feature, making them hard to be detected. The IIT-Madras team was inspired by the two sea animals’ penguins and fishes since they have better hydrodynamics and cause less disturbance in the water, said P Krishnankutty, Professor at IIT-Madras, Department of Ocean Engineering.

M Praveen Babu, Research Scholar said, “The penguin-inspired thrust system features two fins which use the pressure difference between the upper and the lower surface of the fins to generate momentum, revolving and wavering to move forward.The fish-inspired driving force system has two fins near the front end.

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Further, the momentum and rudder systems were tested in different sizes and fluctuating speed. “We tested several parameters including self-propulsion, drive force, flapping amplitude, flustering frequency, forward speed, lift and drag, Babu added. This intelligence had an efficiency of 80 percent in comparison to the 65 percent on an average.

Countries those who are advanced in technologies like the US, Japan, and China have already started research in such impetus systems.


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