Over the last decade, the Manpower and Security sector has flourished. To add to this new demand for security services, groundbreaking developments have been introduced to this industry. Companies that provide such services have also been training staff members by providing the latest information. If these well-trained professionals are provided with up-to-date technology, today’s security systems can reach the efficiency of tomorrow.

Datar Security Service Group (DSSG) is one of the most dependable and revolutionary companies in the industry. The group’s CEO, Adel Singh Bhinder, helped the company reach new heights by putting the customers first.

The Company’s Journey

DSSG was founded about 16 years ago by Adel’s father, Col. P.S. Bhinder (Retd.). The corporation provides a wide range of security services and overcomes obstacles through strategic and innovative thinking. Today, the organization offers services in more than 18 locations with manpower of over 8500.

Adel Singh began his work in the company by assisting his father manage the growing business. Their teamwork and efficiency are what led Datar Security Services Group to be the well-known organization it is today.

The current CEO started by heading Business Development in Security Services as the Managing Director. Within a short span of three years, he helped the company acquire major clients. Then, in 2017, he attained the position of Group CEO and became the leader of toll services and manpower divisions as well.

Adel’s Aims and Duties

Adel is in charge of several aspects such as Investor Relations, Business Development etc. He is also the man behind new incentives to increase company growth.

As the youngest leader in the industry, his staff is also youthful and skilled, assisting the development of the company through well-thought-out proposals. He has faced challenges along the way, but they have proved that Adel and his company are undefeatable as they are filled with a passion for change.

The hard-working CEO’s current objective is to revolutionize the company’s services through his unique innovations. Adel is also determined to improve facilities offered by his organization and reach the goal of being known globally. The agency is equipped with skilled staff, advanced technology, and thorough training, which leads to incomparable security services and responsive management.

Adel: The Expert Strategist

After working in the industry for several years, Adel is adept at planning and strategizing business ideas with ease. Under his leadership, the company partakes in strategizing and brainstorming, a significant step towards growth, according to the CEO. He believes in combining the strengths of different people to create beneficial changes.


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