Thanksgiving Day is celebrated as a National Holiday across the United States and few other countries. The fourth Thursday of November is usually celebrated as the Thanksgiving Day in the US. The day was originally celebrated as a day for providing thanks and blessing of a good year throughout, including the joy of having a good harvest in the previous year.

History of Thanksgiving Day

The history of Thanksgiving Day is an interesting one. The very first Thanksgiving celebrations were believed to be held in 1621. They were celebrated by the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians when they shared an autumn harvest feast amongst themselves. For over two centuries, many individual colonies and states celebrated the Thanksgiving Day.

However, it was until the year 1863, when the announcement of the first Thanksgiving Day was formally announced. It was President Abraham Lincoln, in between the Civil War, who proclaimed that Thanksgiving Day would be held in the month of November each year.

How Thanksgiving Day did become an official Holiday?

The Pilgrims celebrated their second Thanksgiving day in the year 1623 when they marked the end of the drought that seemed to destroy their harvest throughout the year. The first proclamation of the official Thanksgiving was given in 1789 by George Washington during the Continental Congress. New York became the first state to adopt the national Thanksgiving Day every year in 1817 officially.

During 1863, in the midst of a Civil War, Abraham Lincoln formally declared the last Thursday of November as Thanksgiving Day until the year 1939 when Franklin Roosevelt advanced it by a week during the Great Depression. Resistance from every corner met it, and Roosevelt had to sign a bill so to move the Holiday to the fourth Thursday of November formally.

Thanksgiving Day Traditions

Over the years, the original significance of the Thanksgiving Day has been lost, and it has been merely left to share a bountiful treat among the family members. Today, nearly 90% of the people celebrate the day by eating turkey – either in roasted, baked or deep-fried form. But there are many enthusiastic people who love share Thanksgiving quotes, wishes and greetings with their family and friends online.

How do people celebrate the Thanksgiving Day now a days?

Being a National holiday, many people celebrate the Thanksgiving Day with great enthusiasm. Many towns and cities hold big parade across the streets, full of colorful people, in a bid to celebrate the day. Also, most people consider Thanksgiving to be a great time to do all their shopping resulting in numerous deals and discount across various online shopping portals for people to buy their stuff.

Besides enjoying the holiday, Thanksgiving Day is also most popular among people for all the incredible feasts most families organize for themselves. These families tend to feast upon traditional foods on the day including, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, cornbread and cranberry juice. Also, people across the world tend to help the less fortunate people on this day by serving food and donating clothes to many homeless shelters.

Our team wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving day 2016


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