Shadow of the BeastThe main date has already been revealed. This much-awaited game has already become a real legend. Gamers can’t wait to play, and we are ready to see the new features and graphics.
Are you ready? The main date is May 17. Heavy Spectrum Entertainment Labs, the creator of the game, announced that Shadow of the Beast will be released in North America.
Matt Birch, the leader and CEO in the company assured all journalists that their team reached the main point in the development of the game.
During several last months, Labs worked very hard on the primary changes inside the game. Developers wanted to make the game faster, and more interesting. Now, gamers will receive quick responses to every command they pressed.
The main hero of PlayStation Four awaited game, Aarbron also is changed. Heavy Spectrum states that they made only the useful upgrades which will make the character more interesting and the game more productive.
The company has extended his abilities. They also brought interesting mystical artefacts as his armor, and it will be the real catch to everyone who likes a good story.
However, the Heavy Spectrum did not give the details about Aarbron main weapon. Maybe they made several upgrades to his famous gun.
We are not sure when the Shadow of the Beast will be released. We have just rumors from the other gamers. However, we can trust the Heavy Spectrum company, that assured us the game will be on sale in Canada and USA very soon.
All we have to do is wait, and stay tuned for the new releases from Shadow of the Beast.


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