Spotify Bug is Slowly Killing Users Desktop Hard Drives

If you are using the spotify app then you must check your hard drive health, it is silently killing the SSD drives in our computer. Spotify community has mentioned that major I/O write bytes on the Spotify app is killing SSD drives in the record time, their major disk writes activity detected on the Windows and MAC app in the desktop.

Spotify is music app which can be installed on your mobiles, desktops, laptops, tablets. Millions of music tracks can be played with this app which has launched in the year 2008. This app will work in windows and Apple MAC, in mobile they work on android and ios devices. About 100 million users are using this app.

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The major problem in this Spotify is writing massive amount of data to storage drives. Users noticed that bug is killing the SSD hard drives in the device whether it is desktop or mobile. Many of the users complained that they are storing lots of data into solid state drive and this Spotify app is spoiling the disk data

Many users complained that Spotify is writing 100 GB per day to their SSD, they complain that much storage will kill their SSD. More usage of hard disk drives soon kills them so many users are facing the problem with this Spotify.

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Users of this Spotify app are confronting the same situation on different operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux machines. The Version 1.0.42 of the app should fix the issue by updating the app.


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