The biggest problem many designers facing is bringing the imaginary visual into the actual reality in their designs. They might notice some font, colour wishing them to be a part of their design but can’t use them due to several issues. A solution to this problem has been discovered by O’Leary, who was a graphic designer.

She developed a device called “Spector” that can scan fonts, colours and figure out what they are exactly and even transfer them for use into Adobe’s InDesign publishing software. It would be a great tool for designers. It was made out of her personal frustration when she faced the problem of translating print to a screen.

The new gadget possesses a camera inside it that takes a picture of a font or colour when placed on, and the capture button is pressed. The device is capable of capturing real-life colours also by calculating their RGB or CMYK values.

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The essential parts of a font which are serifs, kerning, etc. are obtained by the gadget and then matched against a font database wirelessly. The same process is repeated for the colours.

By using Spector users are availed with the option of storing the fonts and colours on the magical gadget itself and can also import the stored data through a custom plug-in. At present, the font database is confined to a little and can identify only seven fonts.

She said that “When you design for print on the screen, it never looks like how it’s going to print if you’re going to design for print in a display you should start with print.”

The other drawback with the Spector is it can be easily pirated. She briefs that there’s always been an element of creative poaching in graphic design.

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She adds” in testing; most people have used Spector as an educational tool. Best case scenario, she says, designers would use Spector first and foremost as a tool for discovery. And who can argue with making development easier.”

The magical device is just only a prototype with no further ideas of commercialization. O’Leary is focussing on its font database limitation and looking to expand it further. Let’s hope it would be made available for all.


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