A Python Caught In A Circle of Its Own Shedding Skin

Australian reptile Center personnel said that they had never spotted such a weird thing like this ever. A Shiny Stimson’s Python got trapped in its own skin forming an endless circular tunnel while shedding. As we all know that snakes shed their skin which is scientifically termed as Ecdysis or commonly known as moulting/ sloughing. In this process of shedding, snakes shed the entire outer layer of skin after which, the old and worn skin is replaced by new skin.

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According to the Alice Springs Reptile Centre, Australia, the non-venomous python was caught in its own shedded skin for three hours before it was able to find the right direction out. The Australian Reptile center has explained to its confused Facebook visitors that the snake had somehow managed to “shed completely within itself with its tail finishing inside its ‘sloughed (shedded) mouth’!”

The poor Tim after travelling for hours in its trap finally found a way out by breaking out through an exit hole in the side. You can here watch the video of this Stimson’s Python trapped in its shedded skin in a perfect circular tunnel.