In 2019, there was 1 percent global sales of 5G smartphones and 53.9 percent of the 5G device sales went into the Samsung kitty as per the company’s claim. It means that the company sold nearly 13 million of its 5G smartphones. The VP of Research at Counterpoint Research, Neil Shah believes that in 2020, 5G support will grow by 1,687 percent. We will see significantly lower latency and greatly improved download speeds go mainstream. Thus, it is no-brainer that the companies are trying to come out with more 5G devices to capture a big portion of this market.

Working towards this endeavor, Samsung is coming up with 5G smartphones in an economical version to make 5G technology more accessible to the masses. 

It is expected that the company will soon launch two new 5G-capable versions of  A71, SM-A716U, and SM-A716U1 in the US markets. One of these models could be used across 5G networks, but the other will be unlocked exclusively for one carrier. Verizon is the largest wireless service provider in the US and hence it is expected that the company will design a special edition of the Galaxy A71 5G for it. The other model will be for supporting the other 5G networks prevalent in the US like Sprint 5G, AT&T and T-Mobile.

All these are speculations so far and no clarity has been given by the company. The only thing that is clear is that the company has some concrete plans for launching an economical range of 5G phones for the US. 

The new A71 variants, which are speculated to be a carrier and unlocked models, are expected to have a RAM of 6-8GB. They will also have internal storage of 128GB, four rear cameras, 6.7-inch AMOLED screen, headphone jack and a 4,500mAh battery to fuel the phone.

So far, the company has sold two of its 5G phones in the US, which is S10 5G and Note10 5G. Both these are extremely costly phones and cannot be afforded by the masses. If the company wants to capture a big share of the 5G market, then it has to come up with something that is in the budget category. The company is seriously working on achieving this and it is expected that the budget-range 5G phones of Samsung will be below $1000.


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