When you allow automatic updates for your apps on the play store, you are very used to getting notifications to know that an update for the app has been installed. Recently, people have been reporting that they are not getting the notifications they are so used to and are afraid that there might be a bug causing the same. 

Users need not worry as it is not a bug but a thought-out modification made by the engineering team at Google. This has been confirmed by a Google spokesperson. This change has been brought about for the convenience of the users who are often bombarded by notifications from the play store when the apps are updated. 

There is no denying that it is useful to know when an update for a specific app has been downloaded, but it can be very irritating when the phone keeps buzzing with a notification for every updated app. The change that is expected to reduce the same is in the testing stage at the moment. 

There could be some apprehension among users regarding this particular change. The users might actually find it useful to get notifications of the update, in spite of the fact that they readily dismiss it, often without reading. Is the option put forward by Google feasible and practical?

How Do Play Store Updates Work?

The users of Android phones download apps through the Play Store. The apps that are updated by the creators become available for the same. The users can either update them manually or set them up for automatic updates. As and when the updates become available, they get updated over the Wi-Fi or data connection if the permissions for the same have been given. For manual updates, a notification is sent regarding the availability of the update.

Missing Notifications for Available Updates

Other than the planned lack of notifications on updated apps, users are also missing out on notifications for available updates. They are notified of an update only when they actually open the app to use it. Is this the result of a bug or is it also a planned action? The information is not yet available but will be soon. 

The permissions for downloading before actually doing so are not likely to be changed automatically as this can have a big impact on the data plans selected by the users. Hence, it is better to wait for a clarification from Google before jumping to any conclusions. Till then, it might be advisable to change the permissions from automatic to manual. The apps that are frequently used will let the users know the status as and when they get used.


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