World War 3 crisis: The fastest Topol missile was launched today from a submarine in the Barents Sea off the Russian coast. As a part of series of ballistic tests, another is followed by Topol from an island in the northwest of Russia with a warhead hitting a simulated target. And the third one, a nuclear-capable rocket was shot from a Pacific Fleet submarine in the Sea of Okhotsk, north of Japan.

This latest advancement by the Putin raises the fear of World war 3 among other nations.“Struck a simulated target on the firing range on the Kamchatka peninsula,” says, the country’s Defence Ministry said in a statement.The RS-12M Topol is a single-warhead intercontinental ballistic missile, which made its debut in 1985. With a maximum range of 10,000 km or 6,125 miles, the missile can carry a nuclear warhead with a yield up to 550 kilotons.

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The launch falls at the time when the relations between Russia and the US following the collapse of a ceasefire in Syria.Sergei Shoigu, Russian Defence Minister, accuses the West of trying to portray his government’s military exercises as threats.

“Scheduled activities of our operational and combat training are misrepresented as ‘alarming signals.’ The ideas of a military threat, a new cold war or an arms race are being circulated. Of course, it is not true.” says, Sergei Shoigu.

Russia has carried out a series of inspections and drills of its armed forces along with testing weapons off the coast in the recent months. A nuclear preparation drill involving more than 40 million people was ordered last week, which hints Russia is preparing for a nuclear war.

State officials and the media have cautioned the people that the US is about to launch an all-out attack. Vladimir Putin is accused of “war crimes” in war-ravaged Syria for extending support to controversial President Bashar al-Assad.

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Putin has approved the Air defense missile systems movement as it beefs up its forces in Syria. He also passed orders to diplomats of all ranks to “bring relatives home to the Motherland.”

Politicians, public sector workers, and Administration staff have been sentenced to get back their children from international schools immediately.

“This is all part of the package of measures to prepare elites to some big war,” says, Stanislav Belkovsky, A Russian political analyst.