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Renault to recruit 1,000 more permanent employees and 1,000 Apprentices

Renault Recruitment 2016

Renault Company is recruiting 1000 more employees on open-term contracts between now and end of the year. They decided to recruit more employees in this year. In 2015 they announced the hiring of 1000 employees by following it 1000 further recruitments are announced in 2016.

The company has made an agreement for a new dynamic growth and social development for Renault in France. By bringing this open term contacts they increase the employee’s number up to 3000.

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Carlos Ghosn CEO of group Renault said “By signing the agreement in 2013, we demonstrate that this solid social model is a powerful growth level for the group. We have fulfilled and exceeded the all of our commitments”. At present Renault is one of the strongest companies in France. They are recruiting employees to support their growth and prepare for the future.

After recruiting employees, half of the employees are allotted at factories and remaining employees in groups of other sectors. They recruit employees on basing on their profession including production, workers, technicians, engineers and managers.

This recruiting campaign focuses on specific professions. In line with the dynamic of manufacturing projects and technological challenges the group expects to face in France over coming years. So people who want to become a job holder can register for the Renault company recruitment campaign.

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Renault Company has established in the year 1899. In September about 12,300 cars are sold. This company is the 11th biggest automaker in the world. According to the record company has 1.2 lakhs employees working in the company. By this year they will be more employees into their company. These company headquarters are located at Boulogne-Billancourt, France. Their products are automobiles, commercial vehicles, luxury cars, and financing.

People should use the opportunity of Renault recruitment 2016. You can have bright future in the careers in Renault. Soon they will announce the details of Renault-Nissan vacancies. Not only in Nissan in all other groups will they announce the recruitment. Then you can make registrations. They will conduct interviews to select the candidates. For any queries please mail to [email protected] or follow the Websites www.media.renault.com or www.group.renault.com

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