The halftime performance of Justin Timberlake didn’t bring out favorable public response across Twitterverse. Fans gave mixed reactions to his performance. At the event, JT was paying tribute to all those ideal Minneapolis musicians, who lost their lives in 2016. But, viewers were not happy with it.

JT gave a performance on his own super-hits on the set, but behind the stage, he included one performance on the large billowing sheet with artist’s giant projection on ‘I Would Die 4 U’ of Prince. His close friend Sheila E had even tweeted that in this show no Prince hologram would be there and gave assurance to the fans. Fans too felt and expressed a deep relief on social media.

But, when it actually happened, the audience was stunned. Yes, you can’t say it a hologram, but it was quite similar to that. The listeners didn’t even think for its approval. Well, Prince Estate representatives had not replied to the media for queries on the tribute.

Before the performance, numerous rumors were unfurled about JT’s performance featuring a hologram of Prince, but everyone was relaxed due to the fact that Prince’s family denied it. However, the rumors proved absolutely right. Well, the audience gave mixed expressions. As per a report by Billboard, while talking about the backlash in Paisley Park, Justin told that Prince has been his big idol and he will never forget him.

Well, Jackson has not forgotten anything. She confirmed that she will not give a performance in the halftime show. Perhaps, #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay got everyone’s attention, which indirectly pushed Justin to invite her to share the stage by giving a performance. Well, it will be interesting to see what happens next.


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