Valentine’s Day is a very special day for lovers. This day is also known as the Feast of Saint Valentine. This is a traditional day honoring St. Valentine or Valentinus who is a Roman priest. 14th February is celebrated as Valentine’s Day and lovers exchange gifts and spend quality time together on this day. But, this special day is not only for romantic partners but also for any special person in your life on a special day like mother, father, sister, brother or even a best friend as a symbol of your love for them. Of course, these will be general gifts but not romantic gifts.

Let us take a look at the brief history of Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s Week: The day actually originated in Europe and since 19th century it is being celebrated in North America. Valentine’s Day originated as a Western Christian liturgical feast day honoring St. Valentinus in Europe. Valentine’s Day is on 14th February. On this day, lovers express their true feelings towards each other to make their bond stronger. They gift flowers, cakes, greeting cards etc. to express their love for each other.

Here is a list of Valentine’s week with their special indication of each day:

  • Rose Day – February 7, 2023 – Wednesday
  • Propose Day – February 8, 2023 – Thursday
  • Chocolate Day – February 9, 2023 – Friday
  • Teddy Day – February 10, 2023 – Saturday
  • Promise Day – February 11, 2023 – Sunday
  • Hug Day – February 12, 2023 – Monday
  • Kiss Day – February 13, 2023 – Tuesday
  • Valentine’s Day – February 14, 2023 – Wednesday.

Propose Day is celebrated on the second day of the Valentine’s week. It is celebrated on February 8 of every year. On this day, many youngsters give roses to propose and express their love to their girlfriend, boyfriend, friend or relative. Couples as well as many other interested people of any age group celebrate this day with great enthusiasm. It is being celebrated for many years in the western culture. And currently, every region of the country started celebrating this special day in a modernized way.

How Propose Day Is Celebrated?

Youths and other people of different ages celebrate this special day in their own way to enjoy it to the fullest. Youths celebrate this day by proposing to their loved ones in a special way to express their love. They express their love and affection towards their loved ones. Some propose by going on their knees with a bunch of roses or a ring or any other gift in their hands, while some others do it by going to special places in very different ways. Some send a bouquet of flowers with a greeting card and a written love message to express their love and warm wishes to their loved ones.

If you are in love with someone, Propose Day is the perfect time to express your feelings for them.


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