We had heard many rumours about Apple iPhone few months ago. The smartphone giant is all set to launch its new iPhone X model in 2018. Apple has decided to drop the supply of LTE modems by Qualcomm. We were hearing news that Apple would release its new phone with the integration of LTE models of Qualcomm and Intel.

The idea of quitting the use of Qualcomm in iPhone is not so surprising since there was a dispute of iPhone payments between the companies. According to sources, it is confirmed that Apple iPhone will have Intel LTE models in the new phones, which are going to be released in 2018.

Intel is ready to supply baseband chips for the new models of iPhone. Some researchers have proved that Intel’s modems are more efficient than Qualcomm’s modems. According to rumours, iPhone may compromise with Qualcomm regarding iPhone payments by providing some concessions.

Apple and Qualcomm have to stick to their opinion and none of them are trying to compromise with each other till now. The last two generations of iPhone have used integrated baseband chips of Qualcomm and Intel. Qualcomm baseband chips were used to increase the 3G and 4G performance. According to sources, iPhones will have high performance.

The latest versions of iPhones have used 4G modems, which are slower when compared to the rival company Samsung. Qualcomm chipset offers high performance when compared to Intel. According to sources, Qualcomm is ready to release 5G chipsets. Qualcomm is leading in terms of performance as well as research and development aspects.

Dropping of Qualcomm is a great loss to Apple iPhone customers as well Apple brand. Intel is striving hard to meet the capacity of the 5G chipset, which is provided by Qualcomm. We have to wait until the release of new iPhone models to know more about specifications.


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