The world’s political news is sensational all the time and takes the first place in the genre of current affairs. Well, today the buzz is all about Rome and Ireland. The Roman Pope never responded to the serious abuse made towards him after visiting Ireland. Pope is the head of the Roman Catholic Church. Presently, Francis is in the role of Pope at Vatican City. He was critically abused during his visit to Ireland.

The former Vatican diplomat raised severe claims on Pope Francis. Through the claim, Pope has been asked to resign his position. In Pope Francis’ flight back to Rome from Dublin, he arranged a press conference and spoke to journalists and press reporters. During the press conference, Pope Francis was questioned about the allegations by the reporters.

Pope Francis’ discussions with the media and press comprised the whole lot of accusations, which were made on him during his Irish visit. But, he kept quiet without uttering a single answer. To add to that, the Pope mentioned that he would not be talking anything about the claim letter that he received from Archbishop Vigano.

Pope Francis said,All of you who are interested: Read the document carefully and judge it for yourselves” regarding the letter, which was of 11 pages.

During his visit to Ireland, the Pope spoke about the sexual abuse happening when it comes to priests. The same has been a reason that led to multiple questions, which alleged the Pope. These questions also deal with whether Pope Francis is attacked by the traditionalists in the Catholic hierarchy. Pope never answered anything, but clearly told the journalists who were present there to understand the situation all by themselves.            


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