Facebook, the number one social media app, has always been in news for its unique updates. Now the social media giant will soon be back with another unique update.

Sources indicate that Facebook is working on a feature that will help its users connect with strangers and when we say strangers we don’t mean complete strangers. People who share common interests will be recommended to the user. For example, if two users share the same interest in traveling and have liked many traveling posts, then probably they will be recommended to be your friend. Well, this could be a great change for all the users who are bored with their Facebook life with friends and family around all the time.

Now, you can expand your friend’s list to add someone who will share a common interest with you. This could also mean that if you share the same profile details, then you are most likely to get notified about that person.

The social media giant is testing this feature only with some selected users in the United States. If the feature turns out to be successful, it would be happy news for all the Facebook users as with the feature they will be able to explore the globe with just a few likes and comments.

Talking about their privacy, it is said that Facebook will be using only your current data i.e. data present in your profile and people who you will be connecting with in future will be able to see only your current information. No extra information will be asked of the users. After a recent backlash, this time Facebook owners are taking good care of users’ privacy.

Facebook wants its users to communicate with people they might know and would not have got any chance of communicating with each other. In its recent interview, Facebook told, “Knowing shared things in common help people connect. We’re testing adding a ‘things in common’ label that will appear above comments from people who you’re not friends with but you might have something in common with.

The success of this feature can surely land Facebook in some limelight.


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