Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi today announced that India would give support and assistance to Indonesia which was severely hit by a 6.5 magnitude earthquake killing more than 100 people in Pidie Jaya district in Aceh Province in Indonesia.

Prime Minister Modi posted a tweet on his social media blog over Indonesia Earthquake in Aceh Province. He tweeted, “our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Aceh over the disaster today. He and India ready to help Indonesia earthquake victims and also willing to render any support required.”

A severe earthquake of 6.5 magnitudes smashes Pidie Jaya district in Aceh province in Indonesia. So far more than 100 people were killed, and the number is kept on increasing.

Aceh Military Chief Tatang Sulaiman said, “Till now we found 100 dead bodies and the number may continue growing. Rescue operations are going on, and when we recover bodies, sometimes there is five, sometimes ten bodies.”

More than 1,000 army people and 900 police have been arranged to the worst-hit areas to arrange shelters and evacuation points, said Sulaiman.

The military official also mentioned that hundreds of houses and shops had been grounded due to the earthquake, leaving countless people homeless and in need of basic supplies like food and water.

In 2004, a massive tsunami beat the coast of Aceh that killed more than 160,000 citizens in Indonesia. The search for survivors is continuing, and President Joko Widodo who is currently in Bali told to media that he would visit Aceh soon.

More than 245 buildings were destroyed due to the earthquake in Pidie Jaya including houses, shops, and mosques. The powerful earthquake also damaged roads and collapsed electricity poles. We hope it will recover soon from the major disaster.


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