SoftBank, the largest Japanese Telecommunications and Internet Corporation at an event in Tokyo on Thursday announced that the company is working to develop future cars with super intelligence. The Founder of SoftBank Masayoshi Son, who recently announced the biggest takeover of chip manufacturer ARM for $34.1 billion, stated that the company was partnering with Honda Motor Co., to build a humanoid technology for cars. And it is said that these cars will both communicate and read driver’s emotions.

Son, after the acquisition of British chip designer ARM, believes that IoT (Internet of things) would be “the biggest paradigm shift ever” in the tech industry. The companies at the event described that the future car could talk and respond back with the help of cloud-based technology built on SoftBank’s ‘Pepper’ robot. Softbank’s Pepper robot is a 4 Ft. friendly robot that can interact with humans and understanding their emotions.

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Son in a statement to Reuters said, “Imagine if robots, with their super intelligence, devoted themselves to humans. And imagine that cars themselves became supercomputers or robots one day. Honda will be the first to adopt this technology.” SoftBank partners with Honda as they have successfully developed self-driving cars, which are soon going to hit the roads in coming years.

The Automaker and the telecom company are all set for researching possible ways to assess a driver’s speech besides other data with the use of assembled car sensors and cameras. And the yet to develop technology also allow cars to gauge at driver’s emotions and engage it in conversation. Thus such cars can help the driver to park the car, give company on a long solitary ride.

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Well, it is not the first company to develop such mind-reading cars. In the year 2013, Toyota launched a single occupancy car, FV2 that reads voice and facial expressions. And Bentley has a facial-recognition application that reads human emotions. So, no surprise our future would be with hands-free cars that can accompany us at like a human. Last month the Japanese automaker has announced that it would soon build a research facility in Tokyo in September.


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