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NTSE 2016 Exam

Is National Talent Search Examination paper leaked?  Allegations have arisen on corporate and private schools.  At present this news is the hot topic among the people.

While going into the details, NTSE examination is conducted on November 6th in all states except Bihar, West Bengal, Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Andaman and Nicobar Island. They have given Hyderabad also one of the examination centres in Telangana.

This examination is conducted to provide the scholarship for the students. They are two stages in the exam i.e., stage 1 and stage 2. In stage 1 exam they conduct examination according to the state wise. Students who got selected in the stage 1 exam will get forwarded to stage 2.

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This stage examination is conducted by central government combined for all states. It is one of the highest competitive examinations. About 50 lakhs students have registered for the exam.

Now news has come out in social media that NTSE paper got leaked in Hyderabad, the institutions only leaked the paper. There is a rumor that Mass copying also done in some of the examination centres in Hyderabad, so people allegate that educational institutions are only doing this for merit marks.

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Hyderabad police started the investigation on this issue, as a part of the investigation they enquired examination centres heads and officers of the exam. Finally, they declared it is just a rumour and no paper leakage is done in the exam.

On this Sunday national talent search exam and national merit scholarship is conducted in Telangana district. This examination is conducted in 281 examination centres. For NTSE examination about 40, 157 members have registered, in that only 37,441 members has appeared for the exam. For NMMS exam about 26,808 people has registered, in that only 26,135 members has appeared for the exam. The officials strongly declared that there is no truth in the news. No paper leakage and mass copying is done any of the exam centers


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