Microsoft’s small portable displays include very good and high-quality webcams, microphones, and speakers for making your video conferencing or video chats much better. These are the new displays that are made specifically for Team users, according to the company. It even allows them to access touchscreen and Cortana. 

Microsoft refers to it as ‘glanceable’ interface according to the Teams display feature that will provide the users with quick access to contacts, voicemail, chats, calls, calendar, and many more things. 

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It’ll soon be joined by a model from Yealink through Lenovo ThinkSmart View. 

All the features like all the enterprise-grade security and all the necessary security features will be offered by Teams displays, as said by Microsoft. Moreover, it has also been said that it will provide shutters to cover the webcam, sign-ins using Azure Active Directory credentials, Cortana enterprise grade services, and even mute switches for the microphones. 

Microsoft Teams has given its users the opportunity to change the wallpaper and also do other personalization control. The users have the ability to lock and unlock the smart display by working on their desktop or laptop. This will help users to participate in several Teams meetings by using their preferred devices. 

In this covid-19 lockdown, when many people are working from home, Microsoft Teams has a collaboration platform for the workers to get their things done while they are working from a department or from an isolated place. 

Microsoft Teams works and supports its users having Cortana smart displays, thus making their work flow easier, quicker and convenient. It also joins your laptop and other devices providing you with high-quality communication tools for a quick interface.

Microsoft said that during this coronavirus outbreak a lot of people have switched to using Microsoft’s Teams chat and conferencing apps.  


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