Microsoft adds virtual touchpad to Windows 10

Good news for Windows 10 lovers!!! Microsoft is adding virtual touchpad to Windows 10. On Wednesday it has released latest Windows 10 recent version which includes the virtual touchpad, by that you can control external monitors from tablets without attaching a mouse.

Last month they had announced about the windows 10 update. They also announced more features are going to be released in March. In this new version of windows 10 they describe a way to control external monitors of tablets without attaching the mouse.

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Users can get attached to the second screen like PC, TV and go to action center and touch on the project quick action to extend your screen. You can use it like physical touchpad to control content on the connected display. If you want to enable press and hold on the taskbar and show touchpad button. After clicking it, an icon will open in the notification area. By tapping it, you will get the virtual touchpad.

Along with this virtual touchpad, they have also introduced sticky notes update. They have expanded their sights to various languages and regions, along with they has added flight detection, email, and URL recognition, phone number recognition, time recognition, stock recognition.

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They also mentioned insights in the sticky notes would not automatically turn on, for that”tap “…” > Settings gear > “Enable insights. They also mentioned that they had fixed some issues in the performance of text while inserting. Windows 10 mentioned they are coming with more advanced features which give users more reliability and flexibility.


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