Microsoft expects organizations to shift to the recent Chromium-based Microsoft Edge, which touched the mark of “general availability” release in January this year.

Organizations will be unable to operate the browser called the legacy Edge since it will be reaching the end-of-life phase early in the upcoming year. Microsoft implied that “after March 9, 2021, the Microsoft Edge Legacy desktop app will not receive new security updates.” This browser will go on to work, but now Microsoft will not be patching any of the security loopholes.

In contrast, the Edge browsers work with the Modern Policy, in which the best organizations are notified of any change in the product 30 days before. Microsoft had created the Modern Policy almost four years back, and it suggests everything Microsoft wants it to suggest.

It is possible to think, recollecting past antitrust suit days, that Microsoft might assert that the MicrosoftEdge browser is a part of Windows 10, as well;however, the firm does not commit to such a statement. Rather, Microsoft states that Edge is updated without relation to Windows 10, much like a separate product.

Although Microsoft Edge is clearly a great browser, it is to be noted that several users are using Google to find out a way to uninstall it.

In fact, there are such high numbers of Windows users who are searching “Can’t uninstall Microsoft Edge” that Microsoft themselves felt the need to answer that question by turning it into the title of a FAQ. Critics are considering this as a method of forcing the Edge Browser on Windows users.

Nonetheless, Microsoft offers almost no solution, and it’s almost like saying, we won’t let you uninstall Edge.A better choice would have been to understand user intent and give them what they actually want.

One of the grand fresh features of this new Edge is something called the IE Mode, that is supposed to guarantee perfect compatibility with the legacy apps and sites needing IE11. This virtually implies that IE11 apps are going to be stored in a tab within Edge, working like a normal website, thereby removing the requirement to employ a modern browser as well as IE11 in the same moment.


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