The online gaming community has grown a lot in the last few years.The engagement that these communities have seen is remarkable and this has become a very good way for investment. People from all around the world are streaming nowadays or watching people stream on different platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Mixer, and many other live streaming gaming platforms. The names that are mentioned are some of the renowned ones in the world of live streaming of games that people play on.

Recently,one of the biggest live streaming platforms Mixer from Microsoft has been shut down and it is redirecting its users towards Facebook.There have been many talks about it. But the twist comes from the streamers’ end where they don’t find Facebook to be “a cool gaming platform” and they are trying other streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube for such services.

In a recent interview,Facebook’s head of gaming Mr. Vivek Sharma said to CNN that they are not in a hurry for bringing new creators to stream on Facebook; rather they would like to approach politely to the big content creators for streaming on Facebook. He even added - “We don’t generally proceed to pursue enormous names since we don’t think this is a content business,” said Mr. Vivek Sharma. “In the event that you do believe it’s an absolutely content business you wind up getting painfully disillusioned, in light of the fact that frequently the numbers don’t come.”

As Microsoft’s live streaming platform Mixer is out from the run, the world of live streaming of games is dominated by Twitch, which is an Amazon product with over a 5 billion hours of watch time followed by Google’s YouTube with a watch time of 1.5 billion hours by the end of June.This is followed by Facebook with a watch time of 882 million hours.In this list,Facebook stands at the third position.This report was given by a live streaming software company Streamlabs governed by Logitech.

Facebook and its team are not in a hurry to overtake any action to get new creators on their platform; rather they are ready to wait and let things sink in eventually. At last, Facebook’s gaming head said - “Wefeel glad that our number is huge however we’re not simply void calories on our approach to progress, we’re not simply including more arbitrary eyeballs. We’re really extending the commitment,”.


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