Now, it is possible to use your voice to send a message with the help of Google Assistant. Google has made it much easier to send audio messages to contacts. The company announced via a blog post that users will now be able to send voice messages to their contacts through the app. Google disclosed that it will be really helpful in situations where a person is very tired and can not type on their phone or when it is not possible to use hands to hold their phone for some reason. Now, using Google Assistant, one can then utilize their voice to send a message.

To use this new feature, just say “Hey Google, send an audio message to Paul saying I’m on the way.” Also, you might want to say “Hey Google, send an audio message” and Assistant is going to ask who you wish to send the audio message to as well as what message you want to record. You might even say “Hey Google, send an audio message to Paul” and record your audio message after that.Nonetheless, sending audio messages are now completely hands-free.

Each time you want to send a message, the appis going to ask you if you wish to send one through WhatsApp or Messages. You also get the option to send your audio message via WhatsApp. Justuse the command “send an audio message on WhatsApp.” After you have dictated your voice message, Google automatically prompts you to send.

Going by Google’s words, voice-messaging equals the walkie-talkie of the modern world and is definitely the simplest method of sending a note to friends or family. Google also indicated that this feature would be rolled out on Android phones and the user won’t require to long-press small mic icon for recording their audio message. This feature is set to be launched in English-speaking countries across the globe and also in Portuguese for Brazil.

Apart from this feature for audio message, Google further showcases five other great ways to use Google Assistant’s voice prompt such as getting help to read a web article or clicking a selfie.


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