Microsoft has introduced some major updates for Microsoft Teams at Ignite. These updates include breakout rooms, Together Mode scenes, automated meeting recaps and custom layouts. Another major addition to the list of updates is the maximum number of participants; by the end of the year, almost 1000 people would be able to join a meeting, which will bump up the view-only capacity to almost 20,000.

The latest Together Mode, unveiled by Microsoft in July, makes you feel like you are sitting with the other participants in the same environment like a classroom or a conference room. By the end of the year, more locations like coffee shop, auditorium etc. will be launched. Microsoft is using its machine learning scale in order to position the participants at a certain seat to add the real feel to the experience.

One of the major upgrades will be the user’s ability to customize the layout of the meeting. They can pin their video above their presentation; this will deliver major Twitch streamer aesthetics.

Break out room is one another interesting feature to look out for as it will enable the participants to form small groups and the admin can jump from one group to another to make announcements or can pull back or send a participant to a certain group. This feature will come very handy for college and school students as it can be used by the teacher for various purposes.

We all know how tiring it is to sum up a meeting’s minute. Microsoft has introduced a new feature that will make your life very easy with automated recap. These recaps will have a transcript, shared files and the chats of that meeting. These will be made available in Teams and meeting event from Outlook calendar. All these can also be stored in Microsoft 365 so that you can share it with people who missed the meeting.

To all those people who are frustrated by the hassle of hosting a webinar, the new Webinar registration and reporting feature will do all your work by itself. You can now host more structured webinar meetings like a customer’s webinar, meeting organizer will use automated emails and event registration to handle the attendance. After the webinar is done, you will get an end report with all the number in it that will make your life very easy.

There are some other promising features yet to come like improved search, streamline view for calls and an increased team membership from 5000 to 25000.


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