By getting into the webcam business, Google has once again decided to expand its hardware offerings and though this bid screams more of Cisco than Logitech. Titled as Series One, the company is selling videoconferencing equipment bundles room kits that revolves around the most useful service nowadays, Google Meet conferencing.

Google Series One hardware comes in kits of different sizes for large, medium and small rooms. Stocked with an Intel Core i7 processor and Google Edge, all the sizes include a Meet AI computing unit running Chrome OS. Moreover, it automatically controls the image crop for a wide-angle camera provided by Huddly along with a Smart Audio Bar with Tensor processors to deliver True Voice noise cancellation and clarity.

The company has designed a module in which the present scenario of Google Meet in which people wear casual outfits and attend the Meet, but now according to the new module all the people in the meeting will be there in the large hall maintaining social distancing, yet attending the meeting as a single participant as if attending a meeting from home.

Yet another interesting feature about the kit is that it gets wih a remote control with every large and medium one, equipped with 10.1” touchscreen unit from Mino Monitors. For the medium kit, there’s one mic pod equipped whereas for the larger, two mic pods for the extended aural reach to each and every participant. And auxiliary audio bar comes with the larger one. By just calling upon the Google Assistant, one can easily start or join meetings,including the daisy chaining, everything except the computer can receive power over Ethernet.

Each of the Google Series One kit has different price rates starting with large one having $3999, medium $2999 and small $2699. The kit to simplify Google Meet will be available by November.

For sale, these kits join with all other Google Meet setups starting from Logitech, Asus and Acer. Up to large kit, Google’s offering is priced competitively with Asus, but it doesn’t match Logitech which is $5,098, asks for the comparably sized Tap kit.


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