LoC Infiltrations: An Indian Soldier killed and others have been seriously injured in a fresh encounter with terrorists trying to cross the border into Jammu and Kashmir’s Naugam on Tuesday evening. Nearly 10 Militants killed; this was a fresh latest attempt of terrorists who are believed to be Pakistanis terrorist group.

The Indian Army officials declared that several terrorists were killed while they tried to infiltrate into Kashmir’s border. While the attack on terrorist was going on, the Pak Army started firing with Indian Army violating the ceasefire.

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On Tuesday morning a fresh attack was done killing a soldier and several were injured in an encounter which lasted for 20mins. Terrorists are halted by opening fire. In this massive infiltration, they are a group of 12-15 terrorists who tried to cross the border at Lachipura.

Indian Army declared high alert all over and was expected to continue their operation in two attacked areas spreading all over the perimeter.

At this juncture, there is no confirmation on the number of casualties as the operation is still underway in the process of infiltration.

Earlier, before two days (Sunday) four militants were killed, and 17 Indian soldiers lost their lives while an attack on Indian Army Base.The military personnel of India were killed by four militants who are believed to be Pakistanis near the town Uri (near Line of Control) in a pre-dawn ambush in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Around 19-30 others soldiers are severely injured. Combing has been started in that perimeter.

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The deadliest attack on the Army base was at around 5:30 a.m on 18 September 2016. This attack is reported as the most dangerous on Indian security personnel for two decades.

The Army Officials believe that these terrorists are from the Jaish-e-Mohammed group whose chief was Masood Azhar based in Pakistan.

Army was on high alert in that dense forest area where the militants tried to cross the border. This new infiltration attempt is viewed as unusually large and a sign of threat with the terrorist activities.

India directly blamed Pakistan for Uri attack and global isolation was declared on Pakistan.


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