Have you ever experienced the traffic problems? China has kicked-off with the latest project about the Straddling Bus. This project was exhibited at the International High Tech EXPO held in Beijing, China recently. This bus project shows the vision of the future for the public transportation.

Have you ever thought of going over the vehicles when you struck in the traffic? Exactly in the same perspective, China’s Straddling bus demo project is exhibited in the EXPO. Straddling bus works on the electricity which is similar to the trams.

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The Straddling Bus is about two traffic lines in width and coming to the height, this bus is tall enough to allow the cars to travel beneath this Straddling bus. This Electric straddling bus can carry up to 1400 passengers and can run at 60km per hour. This concept about the Straddling Bus is showed off in the 19th International Expo held in Beijing.

According to the reports, Song Youzhou chief engineer working on this project since last six years. When this project comes into living, this will create a change drastically in the China’s traffic problems and the pollution. This Straddling bus saves more than 800 tonnes of fuel and the emission of the carbon is cut down to 2500 tonnes. The road space is saved a lot with the straddling bus concept.

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The Manufacturing and construction time is lesser than the subway. The best way to cut down the traffic issues and air pollution. This futuristic straddling bus which is also called as land Airbus that allows the cars to drive underneath.

Some China cities already showed interest on the straddling bus. A vehicle is under production at one of the East China city, to test the feasibility of the design. It takes one year to build one straddling bus. The first trail is planned to implement at North china’s Ching-hong city at the end of July or in August. Let us look ahead for the success of the straddling bus.