KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) has launched its first Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled café in Beijing. This famous food chain restaurant says that it plans to create more innovative and interesting dining experiences for their customers. With the collaboration of Baidu Inc, which is the China’s largest search engine, KFC has started their first smart restaurant in Financial Street area in Beijing on Friday.

The customers can able to take the pictures with the machine at the café where it will recognize the diner’s face, sex, age, mood and other features. Then help to recommend suitable food and meals and complete the ordering process.

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Wu Zhongqin, Deputy Director of the Institute of Deep Learning of Baidu Inc says “If the consumer visits the store again and takes a picture with the machine, it will be able to recognize his or her face and show the previous purchase history, remember the customer’s dining habits, and help to place an order faster,” which helped to develop the technology.

Another machine with an Augmented Reality, Customers can interact with the machine, change their facial expression by shaking their heads in front of the machine, take pictures and save them on their device.

Earlier in the month of April, KFC also started their first Chinese smart restaurant in Shanghai City. In this outlet, intelligent robot ordering and initial implementation of AI in the chain restaurants.

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Zhao Li, General Manager of KFC Beijing says, Smart restaurants are not only about the implementing the cool hardware, but it is all about providing convenience to the customers.

She says “Our innovations make use of the cutting-edge technologies and they will help to attract more young consumers who wish for fashionable new things. The digitalization of the restaurant will also help in providing the faster and easier services”.


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