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McDonald’s introduces New Indian Breakfast Masala Dosa Burgers in the menu

McDonald’s are introducing Masala Dosa Burgers in the menu. They are decided to set a breakfast revolution in part of that they had introduced this MCdosa. Along with this dosa, they are going to serve molagapodi sauce which is familiar to anda bhurji.

McBreakfast is introduced to attract the consumers early in the day with new dishes. Some dishes are only available in the morning session. This new menu is introduced with the concept of continental and Indian food menu.

Amit Jatia, the vice-chairman of Westlife Development, said we are taking food items from Indian cuisine and adding flavor of MC’ Donalds

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Already Mcdonalds has introduced the concept of breakfast. They have added many items like dishing out the egg, cheese, and sausage muffins. Before two decades, company has taken the street food named aloo tiki and added with the combination of the burger. Up to now, Aloo Tikki burger is the fastest selling product.

Along with masala dosa burgers, the company will also sell spinach and corn and hash brown brioches, plain and masala scrambled eggs, waffles, and hotcakes. The company is going to apply the same strategy for coffee and hot beverages which hass launched three years ago with the name of McCafe

People are becoming health conscious, so McDonald’s have taken the decision to do items with grill rather than fry. They are going to start Western Quick Service Restaurant for breakfast convenience. Jatia said there is enough room for the company to extend its services, we won’t compete with Udupi or Irani restaurants that caters to the breakfast.

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In our country eating out market has estimated as $94 billion, or about Rs 5.85 lakh crore, but only 2% of it is organized with national and international food retail brands.

Major Companies like Mc Donalds, KFC, pizza hut, dominos pizza which have been struggling for past three years. Breakfast is an opportunity to create the trend in the food, but the main problem in the breakfast service is most of the people prefer fresh, healthy, homemade breakfast. Mc Donalds going to invest 500 crores to open new services, new formats, and services

Baidu and KFC’s First AI enabled smart restaurant in China’s Capital

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) has launched its first Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled café in Beijing. This famous food chain restaurant says that it plans to create more innovative and interesting dining experiences for their customers. With the collaboration of Baidu Inc, which is the China’s largest search engine, KFC has started their first smart restaurant in Financial Street area in Beijing on Friday.

The customers can able to take the pictures with the machine at the café where it will recognize the diner’s face, sex, age, mood and other features. Then help to recommend suitable food and meals and complete the ordering process.

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Wu Zhongqin, Deputy Director of the Institute of Deep Learning of Baidu Inc says “If the consumer visits the store again and takes a picture with the machine, it will be able to recognize his or her face and show the previous purchase history, remember the customer’s dining habits, and help to place an order faster,” which helped to develop the technology.

Another machine with an Augmented Reality, Customers can interact with the machine, change their facial expression by shaking their heads in front of the machine, take pictures and save them on their device.

Earlier in the month of April, KFC also started their first Chinese smart restaurant in Shanghai City. In this outlet, intelligent robot ordering and initial implementation of AI in the chain restaurants.

KFC’s Finger-Lickin’ good Nail Polish for all fried chicken lovers

Zhao Li, General Manager of KFC Beijing says, Smart restaurants are not only about the implementing the cool hardware, but it is all about providing convenience to the customers.

She says “Our innovations make use of the cutting-edge technologies and they will help to attract more young consumers who wish for fashionable new things. The digitalization of the restaurant will also help in providing the faster and easier services”.

KFC’s Finger-Lickin’ good Nail Polish for all fried chicken lovers

Oh nail polish with fried chicken flavor!!

Trust me, we are not trying to fool you or not at all playing a prank in the month of May.

The fried chicken fast food chain KFC in Hong Kong made an edible nail polish in both original recipe (beige color) and Hot & spicy flavors (barbecue sauce-colored orange) Wow mouthwatering!!!

Fried chicken lovers can now enjoy the taste of fried chicken again and again with the KFC’s Finger-lickin’ good nail polish. KFC in Hong Kong often come up with fabulous marketing strategies and menu items, like a Napoli Crispy pizza chicken was introduced last year.

Right now, the nail paint is available only in Hong Kong and it is under the process of survey, as Hong Kong residents are being asked to choose their favorite flavor among the two flavors to expand its production and make it available out of the state. So, soon the KFC chicken fans in US can taste it for sure.

“To use, consumers simply apply and dry like regular nail polish, and then lick — again and again and again,” KFC explained.

Adweek reports, Ogilvy and Mather (KFC’s Ad agency) associate with McCormick (A spice company) to create flavored nail polish with the KFC’s secret blend of 11 herbs and spices. The company said that the purpose of making this nail polish to boost up the brand in the country markets and to keep the brand literally at the customer’s fingertips while savouring their signature chicken. A weird video was made for promotion, which has no information about the product and was able to get a very few views.

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