For the latest iPhone debut, Apple has already decided the date. It has been rumoured that the upcoming iPhone will be called iPhone 12. And it has been predicted that it will include super-fast 5G wireless connectivity along with a new iPad inspired design. Apple has decided to launch it on October 13 at 10 PT.

This time also, the iPhone event will be held online as like it has already been organized in the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference and its September Apple Watch and iPad announcements. The whole event will be streamed out through Apple’s website.

For a long time, Apple holding its event over the internet isn’t the only thing that sets its iPhone announcement apart from those just like in the previous years.

On one side, from its new iPhone release, Apple’s event may be the first time the company shows off its newest computer, which is powered by chips called Apple Silicon.

The fans eyeing the iPhone’s rumour that it will include new 5G capabilities with a boxier look, just like that of the iPad Pro. According to a survey held by electronic reseller Decluttr, a “staggering” 53% of the respondents plan to buy this year’s latest iPhone.

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 2 5G, designed with its foldable display or Microsoft’s Surface Duo, is perfectly designed with two screens sandwiched together.The flashier rivals of iPhone offer a new spin on the standard metal and glass smartphone construction. But likely most of the consumers will get attracted towards the products, which they already know.

But now, even if iPhone tries to offer with a few new bells and whistles beyond a different outer design, it’ll automatically attracts the lion’s share of attention.

Along with a new pun “Hi Speed”, Apple is inviting this time with a Apple logo inside circles with different coloured hues of orange, red and blue. That will for surely won’t stop people from speculating about what other mysteries could be hidden in the invite’s meaning. During the event, Apple has also decided to announce the all new over-ear headphones, while driving some people to wonder whether the circles have to do with audio sounds.

On Apple’s website, a new augmented reality trick has been included, as it had for last month’s event, with circles on the invite turning into floating orbs that reveal the Oct 13 date.

Do you know? It has also been rumoured that Apple may offer an iPhone 12 Mini, possibly as a reaction for those people who are complaining that the smartphones are increasingly not so pocket-friendly.

For more updates regarding Apple iPhone 12, stay tuned with us.


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