You can deck out your Switch Pokémon style with Hori’s accessories.If you have Pokémon in your mindset with his Sword & Shield, you will be amazed to know that all such good-looking accessories are available at Hori. You can play Nintendo Switch along with pocket monsters.So, Hori will be the best place to get all such accessories from Amazon.

Some of those accessories are skins for your SwitchLite, carrying cases, and moreover themed versions of Hori’s Split Pad Pro grip controller.

A tweet by Hori says that they are going to launch “holiday 2020”, where you can get to know all the products on Hori’s online store front. Before the launch of that, theirs is good news for the consumers that the pre-orders are already available on Amazon with the shipping of the accessories between the end of October and November.

Now you have to choose which one you want to buy. For that, you need to know your budget. So, find out the cost of the products available on Amazon from the following list.

  • Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro (Pokémon: Black & Gold Pikachu) — $60
  • Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro (Pokémon: Pikachu &Eevee) — $60
  • Nintendo Switch PlayStand (Pokémon: Black & Gold Pikachu) — $13
  • Nintendo Switch Lite Duraflexi Protector (Pokémon: Black & Gold Pikachu) — $17
  • Nintendo Switch Lite Duraflexi Protector (Pokémon: Pikachu & Friends) — $17
  • Nintendo Switch Vault Case (Pokémon: Stars) — $20
  • Nintendo Switch Vault Case (Pokémon: Pikachu & Friends) — $20
  • Nintendo Switch Lite Hybrid System Armor (Pokémon: Black & Gold Pikachu) — $20
  • Nintendo Switch D-Pad Controller (L) (Pokémon: Black & Gold Pikachu) — $25

Pokémon Center website is also there, if you’re looking for some other Pokémon merch from Hori’s accessories. This store also includes Halloween-themed items currently like Gengar Candy bowl along with plushies of Pokémon dressed up as other Pokémon. It’s quite awesome.


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