Recently, Amazon unveiled “Ring Always Home Cam”. Yes, that’s the name of the flying camera. Ring Always Home Cam is a drone camera for home security. Information about this device is limited, but it is all over the internet.

Amazon claims that this device camera can reach places where a normal camera can’t reach. Ring comes with small but powerful propellers and it is lightweight. Camera quality is also good. Camera provides 1080p quality footage. There are a lot of features, which make Ring Always Home Cam interesting. This drone can be set to move on a specific path in your home.  When the drone is not active, it rests in a case that looks minimalistic. Ring is a leader in home security and with this drone they increased their security systems.

Ring Always Home Cam can be used very easily. It senses motion and flies to the location where motion is detected. This drone can be configured to sync with other Ring products. The drone can record and live stream the footage on your phone through an app. This app can be used to monitor and control the drone.

Ring is connected to the police network. This network is quite controversial; there are a lot of people who think this is a threat to privacy.  The camera on this drone is always on; it only turns off when it is docked. Ring is not a new firm in home security devices and it has always been in controversies.

There have been incidents when someone hacked into Ring devices. Drone cameras increase the risk of being watched by someone. Stationary cameras have a limited view, but a drone can be anywhere and this specific drone is not manually controlled. The device is pretty useful, but the security of Ring itself is pretty questionable.

A drone is loud; loudness in a security drone is of no use. It is weird, but this is the best it can do right now. Ring Always Home Cam will be launched nearby mid 2021. Price is not too much for a security camera; it’s just $299.99. Apart from all the security and privacy issues Ring had earlier, this drone will look cool in your home.


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