Introducing Stickers on Twitter

Each day millions of photo tweets are posted on Twitter by capturing the moments, no matter big or small. The world is now talking about this, and Twitter has recently announced about introducing of the stickers. The new and unique and fun way to generate the creativity for your images and connect with them to the world on the mini blogging site Twitter.

Soon the users can browse the stickers on Twitter and join the real-time chats, and you can select the stickers from the library where you can get in hundreds. In these libraries, you can get the accessories, emoji and the props to create your images funnier. Use these stickers to share on the Twitter for expressing the feelings and what you are doing and how you are feeling. You can also post them to show your support for any cause or just to add some skills.

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The users can use the multiple stickers on a single image. The stickers on the images can be resized and rotate them, and you can place those stickers on the images anywhere and anytime.

When you tweet the photo with the stickers on it, your images can be able to become searchable in the new and visual spin along with the hashtag. After tapping on the stickers in the tweet, it moves the users to the new timeline, where you can see all the people, who are using the stickers in the different ways across the world. Now, Start using the stickers and share the pictures on the Twitter.


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