Yahoo Inc. unveiled a massive security violation affecting over 500 million users. The company admitted that the user account information stolen back in 2014. The information includes the names of the yahoo account users, telephone numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, hashed passwords and date of birth. Particularly in some cases, unencrypted or encrypted security questions too.

Few tips how to keep your yahoo account safe

Login into Yahoo account:

This is very obvious as a lot of people use Yahoo mail as their primary email account. As per sources, Yahoo has a billion active users monthly on its service and just 225 million active users for Yahoo mail service. So ensure the email affiliated with your Yahoo account. The company is already sending notifications to users, and you will be receiving one if you were affected by the bench markers.

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Change Your Password:

Users who may have affected need to change their account passwords. Adding to that users haven’t changed their passwords since 2014 should change it. Yahoo also suggests amending the passwords for security reasons and not to answer any security question to any others. Picking a new password which is substantial is a good thing, and it should be difficult to guess.

Do a Thorough Review:                           

It’s quite a common habit that users assign the same passwords for many accounts. This would be a terrible idea, and Yahoo encourages its users to review their accounts for find out suspicious activities. Avoid downloading attachments and clicking links, beware of unsolicited communications which ask for your personal information.

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Close old unused accounts:

Internet users with email or online service accounts which they won’t use it anymore will lead to more vulnerability. At times, it also means to go through steps to recover an old account password you might not remember about it. Many random websites have been compromised in the same way. Deleting unused accounts ensures that you are not at risk.


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